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Yes it is that time of the month, the time for our acclaimed monthly rendezvous: the World Roundup, now in its 8th installment.

Last month the Ford Focus’ success in China made the headlines, and in October it does again…but the heat is also on in Japan and Austria…

You can check out previous World Roundups here for March 2012  (“Has the Hybrid era started for good?”)April 2012 (“Big change coming from India”)May 2012 (“GM and Toyota Etios make headlines”), June 2012 (“Hyundai Santa Fe and Ford Focus shine”)July 2012 (“Geely CK writes history in Ukraine“), August 2012 (“The Subaru XV topples a legend in Switzerland”) and September 2012 (“Ford Focus strong in China”).

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Back to our Roundup.


Nissan Sylphy

In October again the big event is the impact the tensions between China and Japan have on the Chinese models ranking, with the Japanese falling deeper down the ranking with only one Nippon in the Chinese October Top 50: the Nissan Sylphy.

In fact, the 3 main events of September repeat themselves this month: the Ford Focus beats its record again in Chinathe Lada Granta is #1 anew in Russia and the Skoda Octavia stays above the VW Golf in Switzerland

Toyota Aqua

Now that we have cleared this up, let’s have a look at other worldwide events in October…

First let’s go to Japan, where, after many months of nibbling at its predecessor’s heels, the Toyota Aqua finally takes the lead. The Aqua, known elsewhere as the Prius C, sells 24,192 units vs. 18,116 for the Prius which was the last nameplate to rank #1 for the first time in Japan in May 2009 just after the Honda Insight in April 2009

VW Tiguan

Next we land in Austria, another country feeling the consequences of the transition towards the 7th generation VW Golf along with Switzerland. The VW Tiguan grabs the Austrian pole position for the first time ever, making it the first time in 3 years that the Golf is not #1 in the country, since June 2009 exactly when the Seat Ibiza ranked #1.

Renault Clio IV

A few recent newcomers are starting to make waves worldwide: the Renault Clio IV pushes the Clio nameplate to #1 in Spain for potentially the first time in 20 years and is up to #4 in France andSwitzerland, the Skoda Citigo is up to #2 in Denmark, the Volvo V40 is up to #5 in Sweden and to an even better #4 in the Netherlands

Kia K3

…the Kia K3 up to #6 in its native South Korea, the Luxgen5 Sedan up to #10 in Taiwan, the Skoda Rapid up to #12 in Czech Republic, the Hyundai HB20 lands directly at #28 in Brazil and the Seat Toledo up to #42 in Spain.

In Australia, the Toyota Camry becomes the best-selling locally-built model ahead of the Holden Commodore for only the 2nd time in history after January 1995.

The Duster continues to test uncharted territories for Renault: it breaks into the Russian Top 10 for the first time at #7 and is up to #15 in India.

In Bulgaria, local producer Great Wall is now up to a fantastic 2nd position in October and places the Voleex C10 and Steed both on the podium!

In Japan, the VW Up! many be Volkswagen’s most successful launch with 3,000 orders taken in 3 weeks, it hits a world-best 9.7% market share in Denmark while it is Up! to #12 in Germany with 4,490 sales and 1.7% share: ranking, volume and share records for the model at home.

The Peugeot 208 is #1 in FranceCroatia and Portugal (September figures) and back up to #3 across Europe, the Nissan Qashqai leads in Finland for the 4th consecutive time, Ford Ka up to a best-ever #2 in ArgentinaIn Italy, the Fiat Panda breaks the 10% market share barrier for the first time since 1989, pushing it to #9 in Europe, the BMW 1 Series is up to a best-ever #8 in the UK and the Nissan Leaf breaks into the monthly Top 10 in Norway and for the first time in the world.

While timid in India and Brazil to date, the Toyota Etios climbs onto the South African podium for the first time ever at #3 , smashing its ranking, volume and market share records in the country all at once. In other news for the Japanese manufacturer, the Toyota Hilux breaks its all-time volume record in the Gulf region at 13,910 sales (September figures) and Toyota places 7 models… in the Top 7 that month!

In the USA, Subaru breaks its all-time annual sales record after just 10 months at 271,582 units, Volkswagen is up 22% and delivers its best October since 1972 and the Ford C-Max manages to pass its direct competitor the Toyota Prius V as early as for its first full month of sales in the country.

Finally, on October 29 superstorm Sandy hit the Eastern coast of the USA with a significant impact on new car sales in the country predicted…

That’s all for this month! Hope you enjoyed…

Matt Gasnier, based in Sydney, Australia, runs a blog named Best Selling Cars, dedicated to counting cars all over the world.

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