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Hybrids and minivehicles are still on top of Japan’s list of best-selling cars in July, only more. The Prius is ichi ban with 33,398 units sold. Last time we looked in May, it was 20,789. It  is followed by its compact sister, the Aqua (better known in the U.S. as Prius C) with 26,274.

Honda’s Fit is back in #3.

Rank Model Brand Units YoY Type
1 Prius Toyota 33,398 37.9% REG
2 Aqua Toyota 26,274 N/A REG
3 Fit Honda 24,153 16.4% REG
4 NBOX Honda 21,837 N/A KEI
5 Mira Daihatsu 20,472 220.2% KEI
6 Wagon R Suzuki 17,489 16.3% KEI
7 Tanto Daihatsu 17,364 35.7% KEI
8 Move Daihatsu 14,078 9.7% KEI
9 Corolla Toyota 13,404 114.7% REG
10 Vitz Toyota 13,138 1.3% REG
11 Alto Suzuki 10,434 50.1% KEI
12 Freed Honda 9,905 75.7% REG
13 Serena Nissan 9,214 23.9% REG
14 Step Wagon Honda 7,950 199.9% REG
15 Moco Nissan 6,915 49.4% KEI
16 Demio Mazda 6,483 -38.0% REG
17 Palette Suzuki 5,794 6.1% KEI
18 March Nissan 5,728 11.1% REG
19 VELLFIRE Toyota 5,554 306.0% REG
20 Estima Toyota 5,291 223.8% REG
21 Passo Toyota 5,179 32.0% REG
22 Impreza Subaru 5,094 204.1% REG
23 Rook Nissan 5,046 36.2% KEI
24 Pyxis Toyota 4,961 N/A KEI
25 Voxy Toyota 4,933 10.8% REG
26 Wish Toyota 4,417 53.0% REG
27 Cube Nissan 4,290 34.3% REG
28 Solio Suzuki 4,156 30.4% REG
29 CX-5 Mazda 3,835 N/A REG
30 Alphard Toyota 3,823 292.1% REG
31 MR Wagon Suzuki 3,791 59.4% KEI
32 Ractis Toyota 3,786 -40.1% REG
33 Noah Toyota 3,748 1.6% REG
34 Swift Suzuki 3,741 40.5% REG
35 Life Honda 3,543 -42.9% KEI
36 Sienta Toyota 3,341 42.1% REG
37 Juke Nissan 3,013 -16.0% REG
38 Legacy Subaru 2,931 54.3% REG
39 86 Toyota 2,908 N/A REG
40 Tidus Nissan 2,739 5.6% REG
41 Stella Subaru 2,592 13.5% KEI
42 X-TRAIL Nissan 2,591 10.0% REG
43 Crown Toyota 2,520 70.5% REG
44 eK Mitsubishi 2,510 7.8% KEI
45 Every Wagon Suzuki 1,903 -17.8% KEI

Then, a row of five minivehicles follows.

The table was compiled from data provided by the Japan Automobile Dealers Association and the Japan Mini Vehicles Association, the sometimes odd model names were translated with the help of Frau Schmitto-san, and everything was compiled into one table.

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3 Comments on “Japan’s July Sellers: Prius And Little Sister Rule The Roost...”

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    Honda Insight?

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      Jeoff, I don’t have YTD sales but I can tell you that the Insight sold 848 units in Japan last month (ranked 69). Keep in mind that both the Fit and Freed are available as hybrids in Japan and I would argue that both offer more practical options to the Insight.

      I think the Insight suffers from a similar problem in the US, that for a little more you can buy a Civic hybrid which not only is a little bigger, but gets better mpg. On the other hand, if budget is on the top of your list, the Fit is less and while not a hybrid gets good mpg and has a very versatile cargo space.

      Personally I think Honda would be smart to bring the Fit Hybrid to the US as I think it would easily outsell the Insight and possibly even the Civic Hybrid. It would also be a better challenger to the Prius C than anything in its lineup now.

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    juicy sushi

    It’s a very interesting view. It shows just how much more massive Toyota is than the rest of the domestic market, but also shows how Honda has some very specific models which do very well, and then others which are total non-factors. I still cannot understand why the Corolla can sell so well, but Honda killed the Civic in Japan due to a lack of sales. What makes the difference that allows Toyota to relentlessly flog Corollas but left the Civic as unwanted?

    And long term with the expansion of the Prius range with the Aqua and Prius V, you have to wonder about the future of the Corolla and Camry. For the same money, a customer could be in a much more economical hybrid. I have to wonder how quick the switch over will happen as the older Toyota customers move on. At this point, Toyota’s twin image makers for younger buyers seem to be the Prius and 86/FR-S. That’s where Toyota’s mind seems to be going.

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