By on August 6, 2012

At a briefing in Traverse City, Michigan, Ford outlined its plans for tackling the twin challenges of Asia and Europe. Despite the capacity crisis facing the industry, Ford is aiming to avoid any European factory closures, while also expanding in Asia.

Ford was vague regarding their plans for trimming capacity in Europe – so much so that they even refused to give a timeline for any changes. But the Blue Oval announced 9 new plants for the Asia/Africa region (again, nothing specific disclosed).

North America won’t be left out in the cold either – Automotive News is reporting that 400,000 units will be added in the U.S., with additional shifts at plants in Chicago, Kansas City, Louisville and Michigan.

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3 Comments on “Ford Looking To Increase Asian Manufacturing, Cut European Capacity Without Plant Closings...”

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    el scotto

    “It is simultaneously trying to move all of its plants around the world to more efficient 3-shift work schedules — a move that results in more capacity.” How will swing and night shifts fly in Europe? I was in the UK one year when some of the grocery stores were going to 24 hour operations. There were protesters complaining about how inhumane it would be to the workers, etc, etc.

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      I heard those complaints too but plenty of grocery chains are now 24 hour operation. So the complaints were short-lived. People complain when things change, human nature.

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        I used to see plenty of 24hr supermarkets, but they have been shrunk to a few key sites within the chain. Amazingly enough there aren’t enough people wanting to shop at 2am!

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