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Toyota announced its consolidated (i.e. including Daihatsu and Hino) 2012 sales plan today. It causes intensive head-scratching at other automakers, especially in Wolfsburg. Toyota plans to raise its 2012 global sales by a whopping 21 percent to 9.6 million.

Toyota Daihatsu Hino Total
Worldwide 8,580 21% 850 17% 150 23% 9,580 21%
Japan 1,630 36% 660 20% 40 16% 2,320 30%
Overseas 6,950 18% 200 9% 110 26% 7,260 18%

In 2011, Toyota fell to place three behind GM and Volkswagen. In December, and  again a week ago, we opined that Toyota would probably shoot for anywhere between 9.4 and 9.6 million this year. Toyota shoots for the top range. Consolidated, Toyota budgets for an ambitious 30 percent gain in Japan, and an 18 percent increase elsewhere.

Units 2011
GM 9,025,942
Volkswagen 8,160,000
Toyota 7,858,091

The 9.6 million budgeted by Toyota are more than the 9 million that earned GM its number one ranking in 2011. GM is not standing still either. GM would need only a 7 percent gain to retain its top spot – if Toyota delivers on plan.

It looks a little different for Volkswagen. Volkswagen reported 8.2 million for 2011. It could be 8.4 million if they end up adding trucks made by Scania and MAN. Volkswagen would have to increase its 2012 pace by 18 percent to beat an on-budget Toyota. That would be tough given that Volkswagen is heavy in Europe (expected to contract in 2012) and China (expected to go sideways or down in 2012.) Gains of the Volkswagen Group in 2011 were 14.3 percent.

This year, the race for the top spots should be quite interesting. Unless the sky falls somewhere, that is.

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5 Comments on “Toyota Plans For 9.6 Million, Promises Tight Race...”

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    I liked it back when Toyoda focused on QUALITY and not on being the biggest carmaker.

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    Bertel, how much is the Japanese domestic market projected to grow in 2012? Toyota’s 36% growth plan at home is just massive.

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      Many northern communities in Japan are still devastated from March’s earthquake, especially areas near the power plants. The replacement of the thousands and thousands of vehicles destroyed will likely be longer term, but undoubtedly, as Japan’s #1 brand, Toyota will enjoy a bump in sales.
      36% seems a bit rich, unless they plan on buying Mazda or Honda out of petty cash.

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    As Bertel says “That would be tough given that Volkswagen is heavy in Europe (expected to contract in 2012) and China (expected to go sideways or down in 2012.)” So where will Toyota get its growth – the US?
    I wouldn`t bet against Toyota but it is a challenging target and if missed I expect as much criticism as other companies who miss their own arbitrary targets get on this site.

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