Volkswagen Sells More Than 8 Million In 2011

Bertel Schmitt
by Bertel Schmitt
volkswagen sells more than 8 million in 2011

With 8.16 million cars delivered globally, sales of the Volkswagen group grew14.3 percent from 7.14 million in 2010. Volkswagen estimates that the global passenger car market grew only 5.1 percent, therefore, the Wolfsburg group expanded its global market share. With GM (due to report next month) expected to be in the low 9 million, and Toyota expected to be in the high 7 million, Volkswagen will end the year as the world’s #2 auto maker, behind GM and before Toyota.

Most of the growth is coming from the Asia / Pacific region, where sales grew 19.8 percent to 2.56 million units. In China, Volkswagen delivered 2.25 million vehicles (+17.2 percent.) Just like GM, Volkswagen has more than one quarter of its global sales in China.

Global Sales Main Volkswagen Brands (Millions)

20112010ChangeVolkswagen Passenger Cars5.09 4.5013.10%Audi1.301.0919.25%ŠKODA0.880.7615.30%SEAT0.350.343.10%Volkswagen Commercial0.530.4421.40%

Volkswagen is the first of the Top Three to publish full numbers for 2011. Toyota should publish in the last week of this month, GM sometime in February, along with the quarterly and full year results.

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