By on November 10, 2011

With the Tokyo Auto Show nearly upon us, Honda has rolled out a few concept cars as well as the latest updates to its ASIMO robot. Honda’s newly-autonomous humanoid android can now tackle such tough tasks as kicking a ball, pouring a drink, speaking sign language and (toughest of all) listening to women. And in Honda’s version of the future, while ASIMO is manning the front lines of domestic sensitivity (or drudgery), you get to go out for a spin in a Boxster-fighting, plug-in hybrid sportscar. How much does that future not suck?

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4 Comments on “Honda Envisions A Future Where The Cars Are Fun And The Robots Are Good Listeners...”

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    When Asimo gets confused, does he blow a head gasket?

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    Creepily, amazingly amazing. I keep trying to see how they fit a “little person” in there to do all of those things.

    And this is the company that produced the new Civic? (now we know where the money is going.)

    It’s worth noting that with the rapid progression of Japanese society towards an aged population, companies that pursue “helper robots” such as these are national heroes, and will also do very well financially as well – Honda is making smart moves in that arena.

    That said, the thing walks like it’s headed to the crapper.

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    I like that first car. But please don’t make it hybrid.

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    A future where cars are fun? I’m glad to hear the optimism. I figured both the government and electronic nannies would only continue to get more intrusive and non-defeatable!

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