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Slightly over 11 years ago, Jaguar set the car world’s heart a-flutter with the sleek, stunning F-Type concept. Shortly thereafter they said they’d build it, and relentless hype (including a totally unconvincing C&D “First Drive Review” featuring no actual driving impressions) followed. As the years dragged on, it soon became clear that Jaguar would not be building the achingly gorgeous sub-XK roadster (a decision that Robert Farago called “a shocking miscalculation“). But now, with mules already prowling the British countryside, a new baby Jag roadster concept is coming to the Frankfurt Auto Show… and Jaguar tells Autocar it will be a “precursor” to the coming production model. As a big fan of Ian Callum’s work, I’m sure it will look absolutely delicious… but if this somehow turns out to be another F-Type-style tease, Jaguar will be dead to me forever. [UPDATE: video preview after the jump]

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14 Comments on “What’s Wrong With This Picture: Jaguar’s 11-Year Itch Edition...”

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    Educator(of teachers)Dan

    Still wish that one in the link would get built… sigh.

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      I just blew too much money on an Italian car design magazine (it was half off at Borders! When will I ever be able to buy another one?) and they have a multi-page spread of the B99. It looks simply stunning. It has a presence that is missing in most modern vehicles.

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    I’m pretty sure I saw Spridle and Chim-Chim jump out of the back of that, so: a) it must be cool, and, b) I’m vaguely grossed out.

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    …you know, i don’t have to squint very hard at all for that sketch to look like a mustang, and if i squint a little harder, i can almost convince myself that i see a C6 or a 350Z in my peripheral vision…

    …i hope the new jaguar sportscar is suitably distinctive and immistakable…

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    I’m not sure I see the value proposition over the current XK/XKR.

    Unless the new car brings sexy back so porntastically, in the way that perhaps only Jag, Alfa and Ferrari could ever do, it will probably fail,

    and cannibalize sales of the XK/XKR in the process, if it is an add not a replace.

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      There’s an old saying that if you don’t cannibalize your sales, someone else will. After 15 years in product management, I’ve seen this happen time after time.

      Yes, I have my fingers crossed that they actually build this thing, keep the price sub $60,000, use the V8 from the XK, keep it light and small, and include a manual transmission. That would differentiate it enough in my opinion, and deserve the comparisons to one of the greatest sports cars of all time…

      Of course, this is Jaguar, home to some of the most conservative strategists in the business. Thus, I predict a $70,000 price, an unfortunate V6, a merely shortened wheel-base / platform, and of course, no manual option. It’ll be more SLK than E-Type, and sell ‘okay’…

      Years from now they’ll again promise us a true ‘sports car’, and we will go through this exact bait and switch another time… But please, let me be wrong!

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        Hahaha, Funny! Interesting perspective.

        Well-said+Agreed that, in the spirit of the XK/R, it will probably be Underpowered, Overglam, Underswitchgeared, Driver-Disconnected, and Overpriced.

        Unless you want a Budget Spy-Car/Aston-Martin, the new price comparo between the XK/R and others in its range is not flattering to Jag. -Like the Nissan GTR, for instance.

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    isn’t Aston Martin all about eating each others siblings?

    i kinda wonder just how many high performance coupes the world really needs…

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    At first glance, I thought that this car has already been built and is on the road – it’s a Chevy Camaro!

    At second and third glances, my thoughts progressed to – who cares? this car in many guises is/has already been built. I’ll stick with the Camaro, though, with a serious nod to Ford Mustang and a sideways-glance at a Tiburon!

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    There are lots of pictures of a mule running around at the moment. The car is actually only about 12 months away from launch so I doubt a strongly profitable JLR will pull the plug now on a halo car it badly needs.

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      …it’s not a halo car with a V6 and a slushbox; it’s just a more-legitimate X-type…

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        The X-Type was available with a manual. Not many of them had it however. And it still wasn’t a good Jag-oo-ar although contrary to popular belief I don’t think it was a bad car.

        Don’t see the reason for complaining that the new Jag has an automatic. 99.9% of them do. It’s what they do.

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    Mercury had a concept car a few years back that was called either “new Cougar” or “Mercury Messenger”, supposedly to come out in 2011. I think the above sketch looks a lot like this prototype:

    Someone at Jaguar likes engine port side vents, so they added them in on the sketch. I wonder if they are really functional? (The majority are not, especially the stick-on kind.)

    You guys at TTAC did an article showing Mercury’s doomed concept vehicle a couple of years ago:

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