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South Africa’s Paramount Group’s latest offering, aimed at what Auto Motor und Sport describes as “safety-conscious drivers,” steals a name that Panther-lovahs may recognize, but that’s where the comparison ends. Would the gentleman like 4X4 or 6X6? 300 HP diesel, top speed over 70 MPH, and a 400+ mile range? That’ll show the insurgents neighbors. In all seriousness, AM und S have a ton of pretty staggering photos, but the whole thing is a tiny bit creepy. Cool pics of big trucks are supposed to be fun, lighthearted weekend fare, but for some reason I find myself cringing a little at the thought of vehicles like this being used in places like Syria, Bahrain and hellholes globalized. But then, how did they put it in Popular Warlord Magazine? Oh yes: “the truck doesn’t make the hellhole, the hellhole makes the truck.” Words to live by right there.

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22 Comments on “What’s Wrong With This Picture: Not Your Grandfather’s Marauder Edition...”

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    Pretty soon, these things will be roaming the streets of America. Driven by your local Republican representatives.

    I keed, I keed, but with the ‘screw the ordinary people’ attitude these politicians have, it isn’t much of a stretch to imagine.

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      Very true, and then you have those hypocrites… the limousine liberals of the upper class/ upper middle class who call for the use of mass transit while frequently using limousines or private jets, claiming environmental consciousness but driving low MPG sports cars or SUVs, or ostensibly supporting public education while actually sending their own children to private schools. ;)

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        @AJ….”limousine liberals”..I love it. Here in Canada if you sit a little more to the left,you can be a “silk stocking socialist” That means you hate all cars, but love Taxi cabs, even more if the taxpayer covers the fare.

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        Yup, it is black and white, stupid libs have a monopoly on hypocrisy, and the Right can do no wrong.

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      Potatoes, why bring your obsession with politics into everything? But as a point, you’ve got it wrong as usual, Republicans can’t afford them while Democrats all fly in their private jets or government jets if they can score one.

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        Corrupt Warlord describes today’s political climate, and one party in particular, moreso than the other. There shall be no compromise, you shall not tax corporations or keep them from polluting the air and water.

        Like Republican Governor Kasich here in Ohio, stealing the next 30 years of our state liquor tax revenues, selling them to his friends on Wall Street for pennies on the dollar to fund his impotent, ineffective “Jobs Board” scheme (that he directly controls).

        I only see one party willing to work out any sort of compromise. I don’t see elected Democratic Governers running their states like they are 3rd World Dictatorships. And this vehicle just seemed to me like the sort of truck that certain politicians would use to mow down protestors exercising their 1st Amendment rights (if they could only get away with it).

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        There is none so blind as those who won’t see. Open your eyes, look around, unless you;re afraid of what you will see.

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    The Auto Motor und Sport article was based on a Top Gear film shown on season 17, episode 1, as seen here

    Impressive, to say the least.

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    Cool truck. I´d buy it.

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    File this one under “Supersize-Me!”:

    I’m looking at the size of the spare, and thinking a) “god, i’d hate to get a flat tire in that thing!”, and b) “if the spare is that huge, how big is the jack?”

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    In fairness, that’s an H3.

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    slow kills

    Has a limousine company stretched one of these yet, or can I be the first?

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    Its a street legal war machine and a Hummer H1 recovery vehicle…

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    Saw that on Top Gear (which is where all of those pictures are from)…oh….about 4 weeks ago.

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    Theres a vehicle testing programm on in Afganistan,right now, may be someone should test drive this on the Taliban track. Get the Stig

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    Apparently The Marauder is the baby of the family – any one see this on the company’s web page? Meet the Matador…

    I think we’ve found the recovery vehicle!

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