By on March 14, 2011

Even in the limited-traction wonderland of some Nordic cold-weather test facility, BMW’s 2013 i8 diesel-hybrid supercar keeps things nice and calm dynamically-speaking, barely hinting at the “rear end squirm” that Automobile noted in its drive of the prototype. Which is not to say that this video is without its noteworthy moments…

For one thing, the exhaust sounds (starting at around 3:10) prove that BMW is going to have to do something to sex up the audio output of its clean machine. And when the test driver evacuates the i8 for a “pit stop” (at around 4:55, and again at the end of the video), he’s forced to make the most undignified exit of a vehicle since Britney forgot her panties at home. There’s nothing wrong with impracticality in a supercar per se, but when the dramatic and dynamic payoff comes from an AWD diesel-hybrid system, something, somewhere has got to be sexed up… or BMW needs to make this thing the world’s most rational supercar and fix the hands-and-knees egress.

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