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Here in LA Mercedes took the wraps off the Mercedes B Class F-Cell hydrogen fuel cell vehicle for the US market. Never mind that nobody sells hydrogen, but should you get your hands on some of the liquid gold, your B Class will go almost 200 miles on a tankful. Sales information is of course limited but Mercedes did say they would only be available in Southern California and that hydrogen fuel is included in the lease. So if you are lucky enough to find one available, let TTAC know how much your lease payment is.

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    “Never mind that nobody sells hydrogen, but should you get your hands on some of the liquid gold, your B Class will go almost 200 miles on a tankful.”

    Pretty sure this vehicle has compressed gas cylinders as opposed to having cryogenic liquid storage tanks.

    Of course using hydrogen as a transportation fuel makes very little sense given alternatives.   Most of that hydrogen comes from reforming natural gas.  You are much better off in terms of cost of the vehicle, cost per mile, and cost and availability of the infrastructure if you burned that natural gas in a CNG ICE vehicle. You’re about even on CO2 emitted per mile.

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    I was very surprised when a hydrogen refueling station exploded in New York a few months ago. Not that I do not expect a few of those go hinderburg on us, but I was surprised at the fact that hydrogen refueling stations actually exist, and in sufficient numbers for them randomly explode. Of course it’s possible that the one refueling staiton in the country exploded back then, news feeds were very coy on that statistic.

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    a car like that will work very well if u’re a celebrities, movie stars, needed for political campaign.
    the rest of us is wiser to stay away from it.
    make sure u have bought enuf life ins first.

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    When I attended the Alt-Car expo in Santa Monica, there was an F-Cell B-class there. It worked fine, as in there was little about the experience that screamed ‘this is not a normal car!’), but it drove like it had a lead chassis.
    The packaging of the B-class is what I think will harm it in the US. The rear seat cushion is too low and the cargo room is tight.

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