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President Obama got a chance to check out the Chevy Volt yesterday, as part of his trip to the Michigan battery belt. Unfortunately, he did not confirm or deny whether the Volt will actually get 230 MPG, because the EPA and GM are still “negotiating” a mileage sticker for the Volt. Luckily, GM has provided an important look at how the Volt’s battery system stacks up against key competitors…

Yes, we’re pretty sure GM is bragging about how awesome its $40k (or, according to Time Magazine, possibly $32,500) Volt is compared to a $500-$900 Apple iPad. That’s a bit like Obama’s claim that billions in stimulus money will bring battery prices down to their current (Nissan Leaf) levels by 2015. C’mon guys, can’t we set the bar a little higher?

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13 Comments on “What’s Wrong With This Picture: America’s Car Edition...”

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    Yeah, that is a little stupid. You would think they might at least compare with all the other hybrid manufacturers out there that use batteries.

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    Since we’re comparing Apples and Volts, I can buy about 50 iPads for the price of a Volt. So the battery warranty for the same money is 6X better from Apple than from GM.

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    at least they should compare to the Leaf and other EVs and hybrids. I get anew free cellphone every 2 years with most plans. so no need for too long of a warranty. Is GM going to give me a free car every 2 years with the purchase of electricity (aka cellphone plan)?

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    Is the Obama unit a “gear-head”?

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    John Horner

    Many people have had miserable experiences with the relatively short lifetimes of the rechargeable batteries in their cell phones, laptops and cordless power tools. I know I have. Against that backdrop, showing guaranteed minimum battery life against the only things with rechargeable batteries most consumers are familiar with isn’t completely insane.

    However, not also including Toyota, Honda or other hybrid car batteries is, at best, misleading. But then again, how often have we seen companies pick and choose which “comparable” items against which to show a snappy bar chart?

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    I’d like to see GM update the chart to show how GM’s comprehensive warranty (which covers electronics analogous to cellphones and iPads) compares to those of the iPad, laptop, cellphone, etc. My guess is they’d all be about the same – one year. They could also show how well GM’s Volt battery warranty compares to GM’s comprehensive warranty.

    Seriously though, the US Fed Govt mandates the 8 year warranty on the Volt battery because it is considered an emission control related component, correct? So, GM isn’t demonstrating confidence in their battery by providing a long warranty, they are demonstrating compliance with the law.

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    So how many of those eight gold chips change color when GM goes bankrupt again? Is gold even the right color? I guess so if gold is the traditional color of vaporware…

    I want to see a fanciful yet meaningless depiction of the Volt’s 230mpg compared to, oh, a couple real cars, a golf cart, a Segway scooter, a moped, and a bicycle.

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    No surprise here. Like everything else about the Volt this is more smoke and mirrors. I wonder if the first 500 lucky drivers will be allowed to speak to the media about their experience. I think not or if they do GM will be controlling the info. Has there been an unbiased test drive report covering more than one turn around the test track?

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    The TTACers are hatin! Love it! I know this is a big blow to all with the Volt coming to fruition. Even worse than the laughable “deathwatch” chronicles from the deposed beloved one.

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    Ah yes, the chief gangster or mob boss if you prefer, coming to see what he is getting for his money. I wonder if the volt will be any good for driveby shootings, getaway car use and general goverm… er, gangster use!

    Bridge2farr: Don’t count yer chickens til’ they’re hatched! ;-)

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    They do produce quality automobiles, the trick they haven’t mastered is turning a profit at it.

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