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We’ve mentioned that Beijing Auto (BAIC) showed a Saab 9-3 rebadge at the Beijing Auto Show, but we have thus far failed to highlight another re-style of a Western also-ran by the Chinese automaker. This C70 sedan is ostensibly an electric vehicle prototype, but under the skin it’s all Chrysler Sebring. BAIC built the unloved sedan for several years in China, and numerous reports indicate that this prototype has several Sebring attributes, including that rear door cutline and the transmission. Some have even gone as far as to suggest that the C70 somehow previews the look for the new Sebring-replacing Nassau, but that’s not likely. Still, it gives you an idea of what could be done with the Sebring… even by a relatively new Chinese firm.

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19 Comments on “What’s Wrong With This Picture: Sebring Improved In China? Edition...”

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    you can always spot the influence in Chinese designs…let’s see…

    rearview: Chevy Cruze & Mercedes E class influences
    profile: Opel Insignia
    front end: Honda Accord Crosstour

    rear end is clean, profile is quite striking and nice, front end is tacked on and hideous, way worse than current Sebring.

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    Woah, that is truly awful. Then again, “Sebring improved” is rather faint praise when you think about it.

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    The profile and rear end are ok. The front not.

    The Sebring was designed about 5 years ago, under Daimler, which we all know how much love gave to Chrysler (not much). I’d like to see what these people is going to do for the end of this year, I’d expect a reskin of the current car (as seen in those pics) using a Chrysler design.

    I think Chrysler people can do a lot better than that.

    And when the chinese thing is going into production? Is BAIC owned by the state?

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      +1, except the part about chrysler being able to do better.

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      You’re a broken record… we get it… move on.

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      Chrysler certainly did better than Daimler when they released the ME412 concept. The car was better looking, better performing than Mercedes’ McLaren SLR, and it was cheaper to produce. It so embarrassed Dumbler that they took Dieter Zetche, who was then the head of Chrysler group out to the woodshed.

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    The front end looks very Avalon-ish (ugly); the sides are okay but need a little more curve (they need to be softened up); the rear end rocks, though! Hard to believe it’s the same ugly Mitsubishi-based platform.

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    What’s wrong? China’s already plenty polluted as it is, and now they’re bringing this thing over???

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    With the exception of the grill/front bumper head on shot, it looks way better than the current Sebring. Then again, I’ve seen things come out of the back of my dog that look better than the current Sebring.

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    The car market in China is gonna be a MESS.

    I just hope they don’t allow any of that stuff over here.

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    The sides look good. The front is ugly.

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    What’s the picture of the C60 have to do with the article? I’m confused.

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    I guarantee if TTAC took a photo of a Sebring, photoshopped a giant Honda or Toyota emblem on it, and then wrote a vicious article about it, half the posters here would come to it’s defense. I’ve actually owned a Sebring before and *gasp* didn’t have any problems with it. Maybe it was because it was a Limited version with the 6 cylinder instead of the four, but it wasn’t anything like the posts make it out to be. My fingers didn’t fall off because the buttons weren’t ‘soft to the touch’. I never flew off the road trying to get around a curve because of the supposedly horrible handling. For it’s size, I even saw half way decent MPG. Hell, he only reason I traded it in was to get a V8 powered American sedan (Impala SS) before CAFE completed the castration of the auto industry. Has automotive manufacturing gotten to the point where nitpicking how soft the dashboard iis delegates a car to Yugo status? I’ve driven a Yugo and the Sebring is no Yugo.

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      I basically said the same thing in another post. I once had a Neon as a rental car and was surprised what a nice car it was. Thought it had a great sound system and it was fun to drive. Likewise with the Sebring. It’s not the greatest car and it doesn’t have the touches of refinement of other cars in its class maybe, but it certainly isn’t awful. I concur with a poster in another thread said who said its an okay car for the right price.

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      The first time I saw a Sebring go by me on the highway (I was looking at the profile and back of the car as it passed me in the left lane) I thought it was the new Toyota Avalon until I noticed the Chrysler badge. It just looks like a Toyota to me.

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      I rented a brand new 2009 Sebring with 14 miles on the odometer. Not 14k: 14. It’s not just the interior that sucks.

      The windshield leaked. Using the windshield washers meant washer fluid on my forehead.

      The 4 sounded like a tractor engine. It also accelerated like a tractor engine. Getting up to 55 on the highway was a whiteknuckle, redline limiter-bouncing experience.

      Interior leg, hip and shoulder room were inferior to a Honda Civic.

      All in all, as a Focus or Cobalt competitor, the Sebring would be a marginal product that might hold its own with a big enough price break.

      Unfortunately, it’s priced to compete with the Camry, Accord, and Taurus. “Wishful thinking” leaves the marketers with too much dignity. It’s simple insanity to think a cramped, gutless, rattling piece of shit like the Sebring could compete with *any* midsize sedan, much less the market leaders.

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    How long before you have to get the car repainted to get rid of the lead or replace the interior door panals due to toxic odors? I could bend over and take a dump and it would look better than the current Sebring so it’s no surprise this looks better!

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      Maybe the old ‘toxic China’ thing is getting old?

      If it weren’t for the EPA, we might not be any better off here. If I recall, it was a river in the US that once caught fire due to its toxic contents.

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    I wonder how a car’s development cost breaks down. My impression is that the initial concept design should only take up a very small portion of a car’s development cost, but I could be wrong. I just want to understand the logic of ignoring visual design. Putting together a car is already an incredible feat of engineering, why don’t they go one step further and hire a good design house?

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