By on May 15, 2010

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9 Comments on “But Is It Art?...”

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    Two comments to this piece’s banner photo:

    1. The GM Camo Engineer featured in yesterday’s piece on car disguises could take a lesson from the car in the banner photo …

    2. Is this Volvo’s future design theme introduced by its new chinese owners?

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    Of course it’s art, and lots of fun. Who knows, we may have seen the next great design inspiration. (Or maybe not!)

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    Yes, it is.

    One of my recurring desires is to purchase a ‘worthless’ car, paint it white (like a gesso-ed canvas) and paint on it with tempera paints. That way, once I’m tired of whatever I painted this time, I can take it to a high pressure car wash and blast it all away and start all over again.

    Up until recently, though, I haven’t had a car that I could do this with. However the quarter-million mile Cavalier might be the one…

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    Uncle Mellow

    Well , it’s a lot better than some of the stuff in Art Galleries.

    A pile of bricks anyone ? Or how about an unmade bed ?

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    Sure it’s art.

    But will it blend?

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    I’m pretty picky, but very little of this compares with Janis Joplin’s Porsche, or with the art cars on my website (go to, and click on “art cars). In particular, I dislike the motif of gluing plastic toys onto cars. (I blogged a Saab with a bunch of glued on toys on this site a couple of years ago.)

    Nonetheless, this stuff is wacky and zany, and they are having a fun celebration, and maybe there were some really good ones that weren’t shown. I just might go to Houston some year for this.

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    If you’re asking if it’s art, then it’s art.

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    In the late ’60’s there was a VW bug running around the west side of Houston, representing a local wrought-iron business. The car was completely re-bodied in filigree wrought iron fencing and gate parts. it looked great but was probably a half ton heavier than the original body. Also, not much protection from Houston’s heat and thunderstorms. Crashworthiness unknown.

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    I forgot to mention the fleet of “bugs” operated by a pest-control company, fitted with tennis-racket ears and long mousy tails. In Houston, the exterminator doesn’t have to sneak around in camo.

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