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That was expensive: Close to the Daimler proving grounds near Stuttgart, the local fire department could pick the remainder of a prototype Pagani C9 über-sportscar out of the guardrail. Cost: €1m, give or take a few.

The test driver had lost control over the car and stuffed it. According to auto motor und sport, „the close vicinity to Mercedes surely is no accident.“ The Pagani C9 is (was) propelled by a 6 Liter 700hp 12 cylinder by AMG, which can also be found in the Mercedes SL 65 AMG Black Series. Il nuovo Pagani is supposed to be shown at the Paris Autoshow. If they find a new one. This one is beyond repair. The driver escaped with minor scratches.

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11 Comments on “One Million Euro Prototype Smashed To Bits...”

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    Put it on display along with some full-size photos of its unblemished self and promote it’s safety and survival features? (There is ample historical precedent within Daimler (and just about everybody else selling their safety creds – except possibly for Brilliance) for that sort of thing.)

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    How do they come up with the value on these prototypes? There is no way there is 1 million Euros worth of materials in that vehicle, so are they counting the cost of R&D and man hours to build it into the cost?

    Counting the actual man hours to build it I could possibly conceive, but as far as the R&D goes, assuming they actually write things down, can’t they just go to their notes and whip out another one in a week or so without having to go through that again? If so, the cost of the replacement vehicle is going to be much lower than the first, so the first wasn’t really worth 1 million Euros.

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      Nullomodo: The guesstimate was low. The MSRP of that thing is €900,000

      To hand build even the lowliest prototype costs between €500K and €1m. I’ve handled a few in my life, and I had been warned of the cost before they gave me the keys. Developments costs of a new car are several orders of magnitude higher.

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    With an MSRP of 900k Euros, I’d wager that prototype is worth close to 2m. Ouchies.

    Beautiful car. What’s left of it.

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    I have sold parts that cost 15 and 50 bucks a piece during production for 50 and 1500 bucks a piece during the early prototype phase… obviously, the scale is not constant here as it depends on how much tooling is available to make the proto… if previous tools, or soft tools aren’t available, and components have to be billet machined, the costs skyrocket …

    As a rule of thumb, Ford has what they call the “prototype multiplier” (multiply this factor against the normal production piece price and call it good…) and they try to apply this to keep proto prices down … they like to tell suppliers that 1.5 to 3x is normal, up to 5x is extraordinary, and 10x rare and exceptional … if you know your cost, and are prepared to stand your ground more is possible … to wit, the 30x price cited above (and this was for several dozen parts over which some of the proto fixed costs could be spread, not a “one-of” or limited quantity proto production …

    If one then extrapolates the cost for building a development vehicle across the entire BOM, don’t be surprised if the prices quoted in the press for protos are way below the true cost (to avoid looking like spendthrifts) because the general public can only see the number, not what stands behind it.

    I remember as a boy, Big-3 relatives talking about how the latest half-million or million dollar prototype hit the wall earlier that week…

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    Looks like the driver oversteered his way into a guardrail.

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    Damn, there goes that “clean carfax” when it come up on ebay motors next week.


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    So THAT’s what insurance is for

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    When better drivers sind made fraud will dem buyen. Till then you’re stuck with the usual.

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    Could the acceleration have been unintentional?

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