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Alfa-Romeo is turning 100 this year, and to celebrate, all the famous Italian design houses are showing their own conceptual expressions of Alfa-ness. And strangely, from Pininfarina’s buttoned-up (and bizarrely-named) 2uettottanta, to Bertone’s over-the-top Pandion, the entries thus far have felt a little… lackluster. Have Alfa’s recent problems killed the mystique? As it turns out, Pinin and Bertone were just getting us warmed up for Zagato’s stab at an Alfa tribute, this stunning TZ3 Corsa. Loosely based on 8C running gear, the TZ3 Corsa is not only an Alfa tribute, it’s also a racing special commissioned by German collector Martin Knapp, and homologated to FIA GT2 spec.¬†Which means it doesn’t just look good. You know, TTAC’s birthday is coming up too…

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6 Comments on “Happy Birthday Alfa! Love, Zagato...”

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    Pretty damned gorgeous lines. But.
    1) Somebody please kick the guy with the stoopid decals of the top of the building. That kind of crap is for the Kevs and the ’60’s hot rod crowd.
    2) I can give my teeth and just barely tolerate the front end treatment.
    Did somebody fire the old classic lines and simplicity farts in the body shop, the ones that made your heart and soul just melt, the lines were so good, so clean? Classic is classic, Lady GaGa is something else, no matter that’s she’s all in vogue.

    Boy, oh boy, but will the Zagato look a turkey in a year. Is there an optional decal removal kit option?

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      Maybe they’ll ship the cars to the dealers with the decals in the trunk like the old 25th Anniversary package Vette. Sadly almost nobody elected to not have their decals installed.

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    I’d love to see Maserati develop a special edition Coupe GT along these lines.


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    Though not in the budget, this is why I’m that ‘Mr. Euro’ guy.

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    @Stewart Dean: Zagato never was meant for mainstream. Thank God, they still are able to maintain their style. Have a look at their website and get out of my cloud.

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    I have 2 automotive goals yet unfulfilled:
    1. Own a Ferrari
    2. Own a Zagato bodied car. Sadly, since I failed to buy that 2600SZ for sale 30 years ago, the only candidate still within budget is a Lancia Beta Zagato (yuck).

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