By on March 1, 2010

Koenigsegg wasn’t able to buy Saab, so they made an “all-new” supercar instead. But can you tell the difference between the new Agera and the old CCX? Headlights aside, it’s a tough assignment. And in the world of million-dollar supercars, the term “all-new” implies just a little bit more.

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3 Comments on “What’s Wrong With This Picture: Imagine What The All-New Saabs Could Have Been Edition...”

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    healthy skeptic

    The tail lights are different too.

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    They better get a spoiler on that so The Stig will be able to keep it on the track.

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    I thought yous guys would post a pic of that concept Saab has had going for years now.

    Ive been watching this concept come up through the murky waters of hell.. for the past 10yrs. GM COULD have put it on the Vette frame.. with a coupla bucks for sheet metal.. and redone the interior for the benefit of the Vette.. and VOILA!

    This.. is better than the pic from above.×1200.jpg

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