By on March 17, 2010

Umm, what’s that strange looking motorcycle up ahead?

A transformer obviously. And what does it transform into?

A tow bike!

Although these seem to be most common in China, the Retriever is built by a Swedish company, aptly called “Coming Through“. The benefits in clearing a stalled car in jammed traffic are obvious. But somehow, I doubt we’ll be seeing them in the highly tow-averse US.

(hat tip to Ray Charlton)

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22 Comments on “Incredible Transformer Motorcycle...”

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    Seems this would be perfect for clearing accident vehicles off the street in congested urban areas.

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    I can just imagine the Partnership for Advancing Road Safety licking their chops at the prospect of ordering a whole fleet of these, then automating them using Predator drone technology.

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    Ooooh, a cool toy, aaaah. That’s an interesting idea. To be used only in cities with no hills and wet roads. Just get a bulldozer and…traffic? What traffic?

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    That would work really well in a snowstorm.

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    Better not miss a car payment or repo-biker is coming after your ride!


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    @ Micheal Blue & @brandloyalty:

    Does it say anywhere that this is being used as the sole means of towing vehicles and that places using this have forsaken tow trucks altogether?

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    Gee… asking the bike’s brakes to stop a combined 5000 pounds of mass. What could possibly go wrong?

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      Assuming the trailer has brakes of it’s own, probably less than you think.

      Trailering is not hard, if you’re careful. It’s people who buy a Super Duty, tow a boat and get lulled into thinking they can drive as if they were unladen that cause the real trouble.

      In Europe it wouldn’t be uncommon to see some pretty serious camping trailers towed by econoboxes. The difference versus North America is that European road rules force people towing to drive well below the speed limit and off to the right. In North America, by comparison, there’s nothing to stop you (literally and legally) from pulling a trailer at 140km/h.

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      According to the manufacturer’s website, maximum towing capacity is 5500 lb, but maximum towing speed is only 20 mph.

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    If you examine the pic of the trailer closely, I’m pretty sure you’ll see brakes on each wheel.

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      Something tells me that those trailer brakes are sufficient – on level ground at moderate speeds.

      Sez a lot about the Gold Wing, though – I’ve always wanted to take a spin on one (to experience the motor), but I’m a crotch-rocket type by nature, as PA potholes require artful dodging.

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    It’s really not such an outlandish thing if you think about it. It’s just got to be able to get to the vehicle, which it can given that it can lane-split its way there. After that it doesn’t have to tow the thing cross country. It only really needs to get the vehicle out of the way or to the nearest service area/whatever.

    It’s not as if they expect you to hook this up to your airstream and take it on the Great American Adventure.

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    Not bad. But if you want to see a truly amazing transformer motorcycle, this one is it:

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    Never underestimate the power of the GL1800 Gold Wing.

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    Nicholas Weaver

    The goldwing has a beast of an engine: for towing a broken car off the road, the 1.8L flat 6 is more than sufficient.

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    There is a towing company in Ottawa Ontario that has one of these

    He paid $80K for it

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    Perfect setup for getting your car home after being overserved- you ride in your car as a passenger, pay the driver at destination……….

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    I must watch too much Top Gear, I saw the guy in a white suit on a motorcycle and thought of The Stig.

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    It’s too easy to be sarcastic about this, as I was. In fact, I’d rather have these things roaming around than towtrucks being driven by maniacs.

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    did you mean a tow bike, not a tow truck?

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    Just the other day I saw four insane towing getups.

    1. Super Duty was towing a horse trailer. One, maybe two horses in it. He (the driver, not the horse) was driving in the left lane at > 70 MPH, tailgating all the way.

    2. Tow truck hauling a bus. In the left-center lane, going over 65 MPH.

    3. Tow truck hitching up a bus. At least he was on the right shoulder.

    4. The worst: Tractor tow truck hauling a GARBAGE TRUCK at around 70 MPH. Front of garbage truck was swaying up and down, making the back of the tractor truck fall and rise in opposition. Which of course made the FRONT WHEELS of the tractor hauler nearly rise off the freeway pavement!

    “Holy Crap,” I said to myself as I employed the use of some INTENDED accelleration with my right foot.

    I still think that a full 5-15% of drivers should be prevented from driving. At all costs!

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