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Boxy cars are a divisive subject: bring up the Mk. 1 Scion xB, and people will either swoon with desire or faint with disgust. The Heuliez Mia looks to wade into the middle of this controversial segment, offering a huge amount of space in a weird, box-like form. With only a 80km-100km range at the starting price of €18,000, the Mia’s electric drivetrain will doubtless self-select out the anti-cubists, limiting its appeal to fans of the impractically practical. In dense urban centers, however, there will always be an audience for small-but-spacious people movers. But can the Heuliez compete with Asia’s proud tradition of automotive cubism?

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10 Comments on “Geneva Gallery: Heuliez Mia...”

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    Look, Mum – a see-through bottle bank!

    On a more serious note, somebody else came up with the “I screwed this thing together myself” look – it was Daihatsu with the appropriately named Naked (Yes. Really.) back in 1999.

    Didn’t look much better then.

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    I’d really love something like that, but a 200 mile range and 80 MPH cruising ability is a must. Sure is cute though (yes, I love the first gen xB).

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    adorable. Maybe even cuter than the original xB. but to paraphrase the Tin Man, “if I only had a range.”

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    It looks like it could be a good vehicle for mail delivery, but not much else. Why not throw some solar panels on the roof for re-charging the batteries while they’re at it?

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    Perfect proportions – love it!

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    I can’t wait till ALL cars come with sliding doors… I’m sick of door dings and people who park too close to MY door.

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      I’m with you on the sliding doors – I’d buy this box because of them; but that “step-in” cutout gasket would likely accumulate frozen slush and freeze shut in a sloppy winter.

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    You will never, ever, get me into one of those death traps. Not that the Feds would ever aprove it.
    Frontal impact? Fegeddaboudit. You’re not coming out alive.

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      Never say “never.”

      Take a look at a smart in profile, and you’ll see that there’s similar or less impact area, yet it manages to perform fairly well in crash tests.

      Not that I’d want to own/drive either of these vehicles for my commute on a 70 mph interstate highway, but as a “neighborhood electric vehicle” it makes more sense than a glorified golf cart.

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