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From our “Gosh, the Germans take things so seriously” file, comes this video from Germany’s ADAC auto club in which a crash test facility is used to determine the best way of securing a Christmas tree to your car. Sachlich!

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10 Comments on “Oh Tannenbaum: The Crash Test...”

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    Alle Sachen müssen in gutem Zustand.

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    The obvious solution which the ADAC don’t highlight is to get an artificial Christmas tree. That way you only need to worry about accidents on your way from the attic.

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    Somehow I see the origin of this in a water cooler conversation gone too far.

    “Oh yeah, well I’ll tell you how we settle this arguement!  Dieter, go buy a half dozen Christmas Trees off the lot down the block.  The rest of you; TO THE TESTING FACILITY!”

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    Up next on mythbusters:
    The build Team supersizes the experiment with a redwood bungee-strapped to a tractor trailer.
    After That:
    Adam in Lederhosen!

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    Would have been better if they had all the testers in ugly Christmas sweaters…

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    Diese clevere Deutschen an alles denken! 

    Ach ja … und mein Luftkissenfahrzeug ist voller Aale!

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    Saechlich oder Schrecklich?

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    Ich sehe, wir haben herausgefunden, google translate!

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    Soooooooooooo it’s preferable to have the tree trunk slam into the windshield, instead of shooting harmlessly over the car?
    If I’m in a frontal collision, it seems to me the only way the other driver would be at risk is if they’re driving some sort of behemoth car monster like a Tahoe, in which case I’m only too happy to level the playing field.  If it’s another nice socially-responsible little car like mine, it’ll go sailing right over them.
    In all seriousness, how on earth is this even remotely preferable?  I don’t see how it’s preferable to have a piece of wood impact the sheet of glass directly in front of your face, to having a tree go shooting off at what is (statistically speaking) probably not even another car.
    Besides, you’ll note the testing sled’s roof rack is welded to the roof – you can’t actually expect me to believe your average Yak Rack is going to stay put under those conditions.
    On behalf of the internet, I pronounce this stupid.

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