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v539512hjydqwer.jpgToday's intentional leak is brought to you by: Nissan. The 2009 Maxima is shown in the full flesh after we saw teaser photos a few days ago, and it looks pretty good. I find the headlights weird, but apparently this is to be some kind of new Nissan family headlight cluster; it's headed for the next gen 370Z sports car as well. Otherwise, the new Maxima is a decent-looking sedan that visually distinguishes itself from the Altima. Whether there is enough market space for the Altima, Maxima, and Infiniti G35 remains to be seen. Some point to Toyota's Avalon and say it shows Nissan can also sell a Japanese Buick. I think Nissan's intended sporty image is tough to reconcile with building a luxo-barge. It will be very interesting to watch how Mr. Ghosn's boys market the Maxima.

Pictures of the new Maxima at Pixamo (with the teaser shots, too) 

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17 Comments on “Nissan Reveals New Maxima...”

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    Is it any larger of a car than the old Maxima?

    The current 08 Altima and Maxima are almost identical in dimensions.

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    It looks to be about the same size – IMO there are differences between the current Maxima and Altima interiors not necessarily identifiable from the specs but perceptive from inside the car (which lead me to buy the Maxima over the Altima).

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    Well, if it is front wheel drive, Nissan’s 4DSC is still an Infiniti G35.

    That said, I do like the looks of this car. Hopefully the torque steer issue has been addressed in this version. The last Maxima I drove wanted to tear the steering wheel out of my hands every time I put my foot into it.


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    Jonny Lieberman

    It’s absolutely front wheel drive.

    See how the doors open essentially into the wheel wells?

    Dead give away.

    And also, if you click into the gallery and view the new max from behind, there ain’t no pumpkin.

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    I’m really digging the new interior.

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    Not bad.
    I don’t know why you call it a luxo-barge. The car is not any bigger than the altima (I hope) and the driving dynamics were about the same. As with the altima is the sportier of the bunch.
    Interesting head lights. I bet you Lexus is pretty pissed off for those headlights (see the L in Lexus anyone?).

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    Bruce Banner

    Loved it until I noticed now the headlights finished on the sides. Ewwww.

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    Interior is pretty sharp but the exterior is all sorts of crazy. I’m looking at you, Pikachu-headlights.

    Next order of business: why is every new lower grill design a perfect rectangle? I can’t help but picture a toaster from the front view.

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    JB: Some point to Toyota’s Avalon and say it shows Nissan can also sell a Japanese Buick. I think Nissan’s intended sporty image is tough to reconcile with building a luxo-barge. It will be very interesting to watch how Mr. Ghosn’s boys market the Maxima.

    I think the Maxima is in a better position than the Avalon given that Lexus also sells the ES – two front wheel drive near luxury cars based on the same platform with the same powertrain that are close in size. If the Maxima can reach above the Altima (which based on these pictures it does – both inside and out), there is no comparable Infiniti product. The Maxima and G35 comparison loses traction based on size and FWD vs. RWD (personally, I’d love a G35, but its not big enough to be our “big” car and I can’t afford the AWD version for my travels in outstate MN). IMO, each of Nissan’s products are distinct enough in configuration price to find reasonable position in the market.

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    Looks great from the sides and rear, but to me the bulgy hood and odd headlights are just butt-ugly.

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    I don’t care for the larger overhangs. It appears that overhangs are growing again . The new French cars seem to be the worst offenders.

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    Looks like a cross between a G37 and a Accord…I’ll stick with my doest have an identity crisis…

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    John R

    This looks good. But the only way I could see the Maxima becoming relevant is if the VQ37 motor were an option, coupled with some sort of AWD system. Here’s to wishful thinking.

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    It does look pretty good except for the headlights. Their shape is intriguing, but in anything other than a head-on view that’s not what you see first. You see that pointy part of the fender and that ruins everything. They blew it.

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    I like the front, I can deal with the rear, but the huge overhangs kill it for me.

    Why can’t they make something the size of the 3rd gen with the 3.5L and 6 speed in it. I’ll live with the FWD.

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    That thing is ugly. Who designed this? A ten year old?

    There is no balance in the design. The vertical front grill doesn’t even flow with the rest of the car and WTF with the head light shape!!!

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    Uh oh.

    I suppose the 370 might be okay. How many refreshes before the new Z loses it soul?

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