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080110_tata_nano.jpgTTAC's Samir Syed has already discussed the revolutionary nature of Tata's new Nano. Just-auto [sub] reports that Automotive News Europe [sub] is reporting that Tata Motors is looking to spread the love. At the new car's launch, Tata Motors' group chairman Ratan Tata said his company will export their "people's car" into the Eurozone. Eventually. Tata will restrict Nano sales to India for the first two years– or more– before starting exports. To Africa, Latin America and southeast Asia. After that, they'll shoehorn in some bigger engines (the base Nano has a 33hp 624cc two-cylinder powerplant) and add some more "advanced features." Hang on. Can the new "people's car" meet strict European emissions and safety regulations? "When we go to Europe, we will conform to all existing regulations," insisted Girish Wagh, head of the 500-member Nano product development team. Responding to a question, he added" "Yes, I said when."

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11 Comments on “Tata Nano (a.k.a. 1-Lakh Car) Headed For Europe...”

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    I suppose they’ll be sold through Jaguar and Land Rover dealerships?

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    What’s the weight capacity on these things?

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    If they can sell this thing in Europe, what’s to stop Citroen from bringing back the Deux Cheveaux?

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    Martin Albright

    I’d feel 10x safer on my motorcycle.

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    If they can sell this thing in Europe, what’s to stop Citroen from bringing back the Deux Cheveaux?

    Labour costs?

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    They could probably be imported into the U.S. and sold for use (not on public streets) as golf cars.

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    This makes sense for the Indian market. Urban traffic is relatively slow moving, and most of the customers of this car currently ride mopeds and scooters – so it is not like they will be any less safe in this car. For a little more money than a two-seat scooter, they can get a LOT more comfort, plus four seats.

    We can’t judge this by western standards – I think this will be very successful for Tata. From what I hear they are also a pretty good corporation, so they surely know what they are doing.

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    There is a pretty good review available about the Tata Nano small car. Read Tata nano reviews

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    You can laugh about Tata as much as you want. The same way you laughed about Korean cars 10 years ago. At least they have invested work in creating something themselves not shipped through ebay some vietnamese chassis offsprings. Considering that oil prices will continue upsurge( greed +unsubstitutable commodity) i think Nano car makes sense. Remember Ford had Th!nk electric mini-car ( of course they didn`t build it themselves( how could they?) but bought it from Norway) and planned manufacturing it. But where is it now? In Norway? Or noway?

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    So far it the NANO looks great. We need to wait until it hits the road to know more about the reliability and driving comfort. All the reviews on Tata Nano says it is a great car for the price. I am sure no one can question the safety advantage compared to the motor bikes. If you are looking for the advanced safety features, you may need to look for other expensive cars.

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    Just think of the accessories!!!

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