Attack on Titan: Nissan to Kill Its Truck Next Year

It would seem  our musings – and the musings of many other outlets, to be fair – regarding the future of Nissan’s entry in the full-size pickup truck segment were right on the money. The company has confirmed they plan to wind down production of the Titan after this model year.

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2024 Nissan Titan Priced at $45,770

Nissan has rolled out pricing for the 2024 Titan pickup truck. It starts several thousand shillings higher than last year because the base S trim has been axed, though an equivalent 2023 SV 4x2 has a sticker of $45,650.

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Ram Rams Rampage Through Development

Expect to soon see another entrant in the rapidly expanding unibody compact truck segment. Stellantis has thrown covers off its Ram Rampage for the Brazilian market, and camouflaged examples have been spotted testing in America.

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Pay Attention: Toyota Unveils New Tacoma

Why are we asking you to pay attention? Because thanks to Toyota’s glacier-like design cycle, it is entirely possible this is an event that will happen infrequently in our lifetimes. Hot on the heels of a new Colorado/Canyon and fresh Ranger, the Big T has unleashed a new Tacoma.

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Ram Introduces Havoc Edition for Half-Tons

It’s been at least five minutes since Ram has rolled out a special edition for one of their trucks, meaning the time is right for yet another one. This time around, they’re reading from the TRX handbook and gifting the Havoc trim to its half-ton Rebel.

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Ram Teases Inscrutable Truck

It’s the week to write about truck teasers, it seems. Perhaps tired of Toyota getting all the digital ink about shadowy references to future product, Ram dropped a post on Instagram suggesting they also have something up their sleeve.

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Teased Out: New Tacoma to Appear May 19

After what seems like a lifetime of being strung along, Toyota has finally dropped a firm date on which they will introduce the new Tacoma. And, true to form, they also published some photos from which we can parse some detail.

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Weight, Don’t Tell Me: Chevrolet Rounds Out ZR2 Family With HD Variant

As is the wont of most brands, Chevrolet has decided to wring every single ounce of goodwill from a popular trim. Having first shown up on the midsize Colorado about five years ago, the ZR2 name quickly migrated to the Silverado half-ton and is now being applied to the mighty Silverado HD.

And it’s heavy. Real heavy.

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Toyota Reads From the Book of Dirt

It seems every manufacturer with a pickup truck in their quiver is busying themselves creating numerous off-road variants; trims like Trail Boss, ZR2, Desert Boss, Tremor, Raptor, and Power Wagon are cropping up faster than auto journalists at the buffet. 

Determined not to be left behind, Toyota dropped (yet another) teaser of the 2024 Tacoma – this time with a new Trailhunter trim targeted directly at overlanders.

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Toyota Teases Tacoma Tailgate

Awesome alliteration aside, this is the best (official) look we’ve seen so far of the upcoming Toyota Tacoma. Thanks to the brand’s glacier-like design cycle, it’ll be the first new Tacoma is ages – and all signs point to a hybrid powertrain under the hood.

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Ford Prolongs Pause on F-150 Lightning Assembly

Continuing the saga of hiccups with what is arguably Ford’s most important product in decades, Blue Oval suits are pulling the trigger on prolonging production downtime for one extra week in the wake of a battery fire earlier this year.

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GM Pauses Truck Production to ‘Optimize’ Inventory Levels

With a headline like that, one might think today’s date was closer to 2003, not 2023. Nevertheless, it seems The General has decided to idle its Indiana truck plant for a couple of weeks this spring in order to “help the company maintain optimal inventory levels.”

What’s next? Zero percent financing and cash on the hood?

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QOTD: How Do You/Would You Use Your Truck?

Axios, the news source for people who like bullet points, has a post out today examining how the pickup truck market has changed over the years, with an emphasis on the shift in consumer preferences from smaller trucks to big, honkin' full-size rigs.

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Lightning Strikes: Ford Jacks Sticker of EV Pickup … Again

Do you remember when suits at Ford breathlessly announced their all-electric F-150 Lightning was priced at a sliver under $40,000? Pepperidge Farms remembers – and TTAC does, too. Hot on the heels of a price increase two months ago, the least expensive Lightning now stickers for an alarming $53,749.

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First Look: 2023 Ford F-Series Super Duty

Since roughly the dawn of time (or at least the dawn of manufacturing in Detroit), pickup truck makers have enjoyed beating each other over the head in a perpetual game of one-upmanship. Torque, towing, interior appointments – it’s rare for any stone to be left unturned when one brand decides to move the goalposts.

After the Bowtie Brigade showed off a refreshed Silverado HD last night in Michigan, you just knew the Blue Oval Brutes would clap back in short order with a new take on their Super Duty workhorse. Ed. note: Arguably, Chevy crashed Ford's party. Though this story was assigned to Mr. Guy, yours truly saw an embargoed briefing held by Ford the day after the Detroit Auto Show. So perhaps Chevrolet caught wind and decided to be an interloper.

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