QOTD: How Do You/Would You Use Your Truck?

Tim Healey
by Tim Healey

qotd how do you would you use your truck

Axios, the news source for people who like bullet points, has a post out today examining how the pickup truck market has changed over the years, with an emphasis on the shift in consumer preferences from smaller trucks to big, honkin' full-size rigs.

Axios tapped a research firm for data and analysis, and the firm found something that shouldn't be a surprise to readers of this blog -- most full-size truck buyers don't much use their trucks for truck things like hauling or towing.

From the piece: "Survey data from vehicle research firm Strategic Vision shows a third of today’s pickup owners rarely or never use their truck for hauling, while two-thirds rarely or never use it for towing."

No shit.

Automakers have spent decades marketing the rugged image of trucks. If you're a certain age and you hear "Like a Rock" you think of Chevy ads. Trucks have an image of being tough, reliable, and having the ability to get you anywhere you want to go.

One might think that marketing only works on a certain demographic, but even a sports-car-loving urbanite like me isn't immune to the effect -- I sometimes swoon over a pickup just because it looks badass. Never mind that owning a full-size truck would be a pain in my neighborhood. Or that I don't tow. Or that I don't often have use for a pickup bed to haul stuff. Every time I test a truck, I understand why the image sells.

Maybe it's a family thing -- both my parents have owned several trucks, at least three of which were full-size. And while they certainly did make use of the bed, it was still empty most of the time. My parents bought the trucks because they liked them, not because they needed their utility.

That's the point Axios is making here -- lots of truck buyers are just normal suburbanites who don't tow, don't use their trucks for work, and usually leave the bed unladen. Sure, maybe they use it for the odd Home Depot run or tailgate at a college-football game once a year. Maybe.

This, of course, is also why so many trucks have high-zoot interiors now -- and their popularity is a big part of what has pushed MSRPs into the stratosphere.

But you knew that. My question to you is, if you have a truck, do you use the bed? If so, what for? Do you tow? Same question for those of you who aren't truck owners, but are thinking of purchasing one.

As for me, I am about as handy as Tim Taylor, so I don't foresee myself ever owning a truck for trips to Menard's. And while life can certainly change, I don't see frequent towing in the near future. Finally, if I wanted to off-road on weekends, smaller 'utes like a Bronco or Wrangler are better suited to that purpose.

Outside of the image, the only reason I'd buy a truck for utility purposes is to tailgate. Nothing like preparing to watch your favorite team lose while you swill cheap beer and grill up encased meats.

What about you? Sound off below.

[Image: Ford]

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  • InCogKneeToe InCogKneeToe on Jan 25, 2023

    Lets see, my truck tows a 20' Boat every weekend May-Nov, 10 miles each way. It launches that 20' Boat on an Gravel Ramp.. Dec-Apr, it has a 7.5' Super Duty Snow Plow for a small Plowing Business, to get enough funds to plow a 12 mile Ice Road across the Lake that the Boat is used on. While on that road, it carries 2-3 cord of Birch Firewood, to heat the cottage that is in use. So Yes, I use my Truck as a Truck.

    My Wife's Truck however, is basically a Commuter, to and from work, to DR. Appointments 250 miles away. It does become my truck after 6-7 years of being a Car, to become a Truck.

  • Flipper35 Flipper35 on Jan 27, 2023

    We use it for towing a 16' enclosed for hauling the car, dirt bikes, water craft...

    Hauled a new garded shed home in it. Basically for anything that doesn't fit in the minivan.

  • Buickman GoneFast.
  • SCE to AUX I sat in a 200 in the showroom, and promptly walked away. The back seat was extremely awkward to ingress/egress, and the car was small inside.Turns out even Sergio agreed, and he was upset about it: https://www.carscoops.com/2016/01/sergio-marchionne-admits-that-chrysler/The attractive exterior hid a terrible car. Those early 9-spd autos were awful.
  • Pianoboy57 I've always thought the 300D was just about the perfect car. Mine would have been green like my current Outback is. Once upon a time there was a Volvo diesel at the nearby BHPH lot. Too bad nobody rescued that one. I did have the privilege of owning a TDI Sportwagen and I would have kept my 02 Passat if it had been a diesel wagon. A few years ago I used to see older TDI Passats for sale on CL by owners who claim to have taken good care of them. Too bad you can't get a diesel in an Outback.
  • ToolGuy "A 920-volt electric system is rumored to enable faster charging times than any EV on sale today." If you can find a compatible charger, that is??• Differing voltage standards -- yet another way to slow down EV adoption.Engineers R Awesome™
  • SCE to AUX "without a must-have feature or selling point, the VF8 won't be top-of-mind for buyers"Yep, that's the problem with any new product, let alone an entire aspiring brand. I think they hoped the battery subscription would be a helpful distinctive, but they discovered that it was a negative instead.Perhaps they got their product launch guidance from Ford.