Toyota GR Corolla Set to Debut Thursday, March 31

toyota gr corolla set to debut thursday march 31

Mark your calendars for three days from now, folks.

Not only is it payday for a lot of us working schlubs, but Carscoops reports it’s also the day we’ll see the Toyota GR Corolla — and that the car is slated for our shores.

Apparently, Toyota hasn’t even confirmed this officially, but like with a magic 8-ball (or David Puddy, for you Seinfeld geeks), all signs point to yes.

The car’s makeover will include different front fenders, GR badging, gloss-black fender vents, lighter wheels, performance brakes with red calipers, and a side skirt.

Mechanicals are unclear, but the GR Yaris has all-wheel drive with three different drive modes that change the split of how power is sent to the wheels. In Normal, the split is 60/40, in Sport it’s 70/30 rearward bias, and in Track it’s 50/50.

The GR Yaris’ 1.6-liter turbocharged three-cylinder — 257 horsepower and 265 lb-ft of torque — is also expected to be underhood in the GR Corolla. It’s possible Toyota could dial-up more power for the Corolla.

That’s about all we can say for now, because it’s about all we know for now. Toyota did put out a teaser video, which is below.

Check back Thursday for more.

[Image: Toyota via YouTube screenshot]

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  • FreedMike Kudos to Chris for making an uninteresting car interesting to read about.
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