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CarMax has invited customers to ‘do donuts’ during their test drives, a promotion with Dunkin’ Donuts. For shoppers who take part in CarMax’s 24-hour test drives today through May 16th, they’ll receive a $10 Dunkin’ Donuts gift card.

What encouragement does the general public need to do donuts in CarMax vehicles? The vision of drivers fueled on sugar and caffeine hot lapping used cars is laughable but entirely possible.

“At CarMax, we believe the car-buying experience should be as enjoyable as possible,” said Sarah Lane, vice president, marketing at CarMax. “We want customers to experience a day in their life with their new ride. Since America Runs on Dunkin’, we know that includes a trip through the Dunkin’ drive-thru for their favorite order. Collaborating with Dunkin’ on “Doin’ Donuts” makes CarMax’s 24-Hour Test Drive experience that much sweeter.”

CarMax customers also receive a checklist of ideas of what to do with the vehicle for 24 hours. This includes taking your dog for a drive, packing the trunk to ensure things fit, and going through a drive-through to see if you have enough cupholders. No word on whether they ding you for pet hair, grass, or sprinkles found in the car upon its return from the test drive. Apparently, this was Dunkin’ Donuts’ thinking, too.

“You never know if a car is right for you until you’ve taken it through a Dunkin’ drive-thru,” said Dunkin’s Melanie Rabino. “Making sure your vehicle’s cup holders perform perfectly is the perfect test.”

The other type of donuts, the unsanctioned kind, were not mentioned by either CarMax nor Dunkin’. This promotion marks the second time in recent weeks where CarMax has amped up its media presence.

[Images: CarMax]

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8 Comments on “CarMax Invites Customers to ‘Do Donuts’...”

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    This is news?

    I found more relevant news at random this morning:

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    Spending 20 minutes with a salesman at the start and end of this drive, plus avoiding his daily calls for the next week and a half?

    Gonna have to cough up more than $10.

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    Overpay for a car, get a donut. No thanks

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    I sort of want to find out more about these 24 hour test drives – I mean, what sort of restrictions are we talking about? Do I have to return it to the same store? I’m just thinking that you could have the most epic road trip, or at least an amazing track day.

    Shoot, maybe I’d just test drive an V8 AMG car and drive through every tunnel within an hour’s drive just to open ‘er up.

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    I get all my dietary advice at Dunkin’ Donuts, and all my financial advice at the car dealer.

    Good news: Using this method you run out of money quickly, but shortened lifespan means you still won’t outlive your money. :-)

    [Jason: Bad link in the last paragraph (Editor didn’t catch it? No problem – the readers will step up.)]

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    “I found more relevant news at random this morning:”

    Bidon is too cheap. I challenge him – make it trillion -now we are talking. We will beat China in no time.

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    I sure hope in the small print that test driving a Mustang is exempt from the offer…

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