By on February 7, 2021’s time for football! It’s time for commerce!

I’ll be updating this post with YouTube links to every car (and car-adjacent) commercial as the game goes along. Check back throughout the game for updates as each new ad airs.

First Quarter

FINALLY: GM gives us the Norway ad.

Second Quarter

I suppose we can call Weathertech automotive-adjacent. I do wish we could get Super Bowl ads from Kaminari fiberglass bodykits for awesome Eighties cars like the Z31.

Next up, Toyota and an inspiring message from a champion.

And Vroom is trying to end the pleasant traditional experience of buying a used car.


Now I can pee.

Third Quarter

Well, that’s a relief.

Weathertech with their second spot of the night…AMERICA!

Fourth Quarter

I thought there were supposed to be two teams that showed up tonight.

Cadillac brings us an updated Scissorhands – Edgar, that is. With Winona!



And that’s a wrap.

Who’d have guessed that a guy older than myself would beat a guy who – had I had any game in high school is young enough to be my kid?



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41 Comments on “Super Bowl LV Car Commercial Live(ish) Blog...”

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    Rich Fitzwell

    No thanks.

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    I don’t watch NFL. It is a political show, not sport.

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    Why does Jeep hate Hawaii and Alaska?

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    My record of never watching the Super Bowl remains intact.

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    “Who’d have guessed that a guy older than myself would beat a guy who – had I had any game in high school – is young enough to be my kid?”

    – Old people know stuff.

    – By the time young people figure this out, they are kind of old themselves.

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    I liked the Springsteen/Jeep ad and before you all get judgey on Springsteen or Jeep you should at least read the back story for a little perspective

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    Lie2me, we saw what we saw. Normal people don’t read the “story behind the ad”

    With the possible exception of uniting around a theme like being against cruelty to animals, political themes are a losing deal. The Jeep ad came across as a pathetic ploy gain favor with the election “winners”. Most people who buy these overweight, gas-guzzling Jeep Wranglers, I suspect are MAGA types. I hope they all buy Broncos going forward, and Jeep can sell to the AOC crowd.

    And if Jeep had run a MAGA ad, my point would be the same–though the MAGA crew is more likely to own gas-guzzling, overweight Wranglers, so that would be the smarter play.

    As for “No way, Norway”…. PATHETIC! I will say Will Ferrell, silly actor, was the perfect vehicle for delivering the silly message though.

    Norway is an oil EXPORTER. Yet, the price of gasoline in Norway is:

    That’s 1.58 Euros a liter, or $7.215.

    Go ahead GM, why not advocate for Norway type fuel prices, to help the “EV Revolution”?

    WHat’s that? Full-size trucks? THe General is recommissioning a closed plant, at a cost of hundred of millions or a billion, to build pick-up trucks that in real life get 15mpg or less? Pick-up trucks are profitable, you say? Never mind.

    Toyota’s American minion’s probably smiled approvingly as they watched. They quietly go about their business, figuring out what people want (which may not be what TOM wants, but still), and providing it with little fanfare, but very good results, both for their customers and their bottom line.

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      Jeeps, especially Wranglers are lifestyle vehicles, not something MAGAs are generally attracted to. I’ve had four Jeeps myself and I’m totally opposite MAGA. There have been thousands of responses on both Springsteen’s and Jeep’s Twitter feed. They are running about 75% positive

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        I stand by my generalization that the majority of Jeep Wrangler owners are “MAGA” (in the sense that they supported Trump–doesn’t mean they wear MAGA hats, or are blind loyalists. It does mean they want cheap, plentiful fuel, decent jobs, and the right to own guns for hunting or self-defense. Very “Jeepish” qualities, IMO).

        In an America with $7 gas, I dare say that many “lifestyle” devotees would reconsider their decision to buy or lease 4700-lb Wranglers that get 13-16mpg in typical suburban driving.

        Springsteen is a talented (and clever and very wealthy for the past 30 years) artist. He is not especially fond of Trump and has said so, in thoughtful, diplomatic terms. However, unlike my, and probably your, views, his views are taken into account by millions of people.

        While the Boss may not be a Trump fan, and the Donald might not have been fan of Springsteen’s, perhaps Trump listened to a lot “Born in the USA”, and specifically, “My Hometown”, and got the message, and tailored his campaign accordingly. Or maybe he liked “Allentown” by Billy Joel. In any case, they were both prescient as far as the destruction of America’s industrial base, and with it the livelihoods of millions of productive Americans. That’s a full 12-15 years before NAFTA….

        Mr. Trump and crew generally wanted cheap oil and lots of it, and manufacturing jobs, and saving the environment was not at the top of their agenda. To the extent that Jeep drivers take their vehicles off road, they are tearing up the environment and using lots of fuel, I would think they would prefer Trump to Biden. That’s why I think it’s a paradoxical that Jeep would make a subliminal political statement at the expense many of its owners.

        The HONEST Adlai Stevenson/progressive view would be that park rangers and farmers and military need off-road vehicles to do their jobs, but probably not millions of people need to have the opportunity to tear up what’s left of America’s nature on weekends, and gulp extra gas during the week. Logically, they would tax fuel to encourage the “right, green” choices by consumers.

        The current progressive view is that you can have your SUV and cheap gas and save the planet, which I do not believe. But perhaps the wise old political wheeler-dealer has another magic wand in his tool kit and can make it happen. Half of America seems to thinks so…

        If I trusted our politicians, as I drive on Michigan’s crumbling roads, and see that they are in bad shape in other states, even Texas!, I would not have a problem with Norway-style fuel prices–IF, and only IF, the money went to fix and maintain our EXISTING roads to a high standard, vs the fixing half of them in a half-a$$ way so they fall apart again and again…

        Of course, that’s not gonna happen, the money will go into all kinds of places, so I don’t want Norway fuel prices.

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          “I stand by my generalization that the majority of Jeep Wrangler owners are “MAGA”

          Like these guys?

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          White Shadow

          Wrangler owners MAGA? Probably, but they are more than offset by all the Grand Cherokee owners who are anti-MAGA.

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    Art Vandelay

    It was a dud of a game though. You did get commercials featuring “Wayne’s World” and “Beavis and Butt-head” though so there was that.

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      They’re almost ALL duds. There were a couple that were competitive, but I can’t recall one offhand. The only reason to watch WAS the commercials, and before that the halftime show.

      The halftime show became tired and unentertaining long ago, and we’re now looking at the death of the commercials too. The big advertisers (Mercedes, VW, Coke, etc.) bowed out of this one, and if they look at their bottom line and sales, they may never be back, at least to the extent they were involved in the past.

      We’ll have to find another reaseon to party in late January/early February: this event has run its course.

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        Weak ads, terrible halftime show and a dull game given the match up potential. Oh well… its just a game. I feel like I say this every year.

        As a life long Dolphins fan just sniffing the playoffs was a big step up this year.

        What I did learn: if you have a streaming service you just put a + at the end of your name. Apparently everyone is trying to clone Disney+ success. The Jason Alexander Tide commercial was funny.

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          Arthur Dailey

          How can we complain about the half time show when the insipid (and allegedly cult connected) Up With People performed half time shows at 4 different Super Bowls?

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        In a word, the Super Bowl was underwhelming. The game was one-sided, most of the commercials were boring or inane, and halftime was unwatchable.
        Next year, how about something spectacular for the music, such as The War On Drugs? Double-bill them with My Morning Jacket and you wouldn’t need the silly football game.

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    Lot of virtue signalers in here eager to tell the world how little they care about a sporting event.

    Give me a break. No one goes to discussions about any other kind of show and aggressively brags about not watching.

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      No, virtue signalers are everywhere. Vegans comment online about cooking shows, animal rights activists show up in hunting forums, etc.

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      “No one goes to discussions about any other kind of show and aggressively brags about not watching.”

      Have you read the comment threads about NASCAR or Auto Shows?
      I tend to agree with Lorenzo, people love to talk about how they don’t engage with a topic at hand.

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    SCE to AUX

    Terrible game (blowout), terrible halftime show (marching jock straps), and terrible ads (mostly bizarre and incomprehensible).

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    I watched it, because it was 25 degrees outside and what the hell else is there to do on Sunday night, and it underwhelmed even those low expectations.

    Game. OK even if it wasn’t close.

    Ads. PC drivel to make you cringe. Norway, really? Bizarro World minstrel show.

    Halftime show. Excellent, because I turned it off to grill a steak.

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    Game was a surprise, but not a good game. The ads were ok, but I very much liked the Wayne’s World tie in and I liked the Jeep ad for the cinematography of snow. Springsteen’s music is ok, but good messaging that appears to continue to fall on our disinterested, deaf ears.

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    I don’t know why ads are such a cultural thing – they’re ads, folks. Even the best of them – think the Coca-Cola “teach the world to sing” (thank you, Don Draper) and the Apple “1984” spots – ain’t exactly “Citizen Kane.”

    I just don’t read much into them.

    Lousy game, btw.

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