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Chris Tonn
by Chris Tonn
super bowl lvi car commercial live ish blog

The day is upon us. Madison Avenue rejoices.

Super Bowl LVI airs tonight, and with it comes the commercials. And, probably, heartburn – though I suppose that depends on what you’re eating.

I’ll be posting YouTube links of every automotive (and auto-adjacent) commercial pretty much as they air. Come join the conversation in the comments.

Regarding the game, I have no real dog in the fight (I’m a Packers fan) but as a lifelong Ohioan my heart leans toward the Bengals.


How long has the Top Gun sequel been in production? Porsche started the film with an air-cooled 911 (check my math on that one) and now they make SUVs.

Next, caveman Jason Bateman drives a Hyundai IONIQ 5.

First Quarter

Toyota shares the story of a Paralympic pair of brothers.

Next, we have the Governator and Salma Hayek selling BMW EVs.

Polestar goes minimal. After all, a 30 second spot is expensive – gotta keep the production cheap.

Carvana talks about great customer service with an annoying voice.

Second Quarter

Chevrolet wins the night with a shot-for-shot remake of the intro to The Sopranos with the Silverado EV.

Weathertech shows everyone that experts flying in from helicopters are needed to install floormats.


Toyota puts several Joneses (Tommy Lee, Rashida, Tom, and Leslie) behind the wheel of the new Tundra.

And holy crap the Impalas on the halftime show.

Third Quarter

Kia has a dog chasing a car. Of course, the car is electric and the dog is robotic.

Dr. Evil returns for General Motors.

Fourth Quarter

Vroom with some lovely vintage metal.

Eugene Levy drives a Nissan Z and becomes a different person.


Heck of a game, honestly. Commercials..meh. Like I said earlier, Chevy wins with the Sopranos. I’m a Z fanatic but I don’t love the Eugene Levy spot. Everything else…kinda meh.

Good night, everyone.

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  • Watersketch Watersketch on Feb 14, 2022

    The most fantasy part of all those EV ads was that you find your parking spot right in front of where you are going and there is a working charger!

  • Jeff S Jeff S on Feb 14, 2022

    I liked the Robo Dog in the Kia ad. Got your attention it was heartwarming even if Robo Dog wasn't real he finally got a charge and a home with an electric Kia.

  • SPPPP The little boosters work way better than you would expect. I am a little nervous about carrying one more lithium battery around in the car (because of fire risk). But I have used the booster more than once on trips, and it has done the job. Also, it seems to hold charge for a very long time - months at least - when you don't use it. (I guess I could start packing it for trips, but leaving it out of the car on normal days, to minimize the fire risk.)
  • Bader Hi I want the driver side lights including the bazl and signal
  • Theflyersfan One positive: doesn't appear to have a sunroof. So you won't need to keep paper towels in the car.But there's a serious question to ask this seller - he has less than 40,000 miles on some major engine work, and the transmission and clutch work and mods are less than 2 months old...why are you selling? That's some serious money in upgrades and repairs, knowing that the odds of getting it back at the time of sale is going to be close to nil. This applies to most cars and it needs to be broadcasted - these kinds of upgrades and mods are really just for the current owner. At the time of sale, a lot of buyers will hit pause or just won't pay for the work you've done. Something just doesn't sit well with me and this car. It could be a snowbelt beast and help save the manuals and all that, but a six year old VW with over 100,000 miles normally equals gremlins and electrical issues too numerous to list. Plus rust in New England. I like it, but I'd have to look for a crack pipe somewhere if the seller thinks he's selling at that price.
  • 2ACL I can't help feeling that baby is a gross misnomer for a vehicle which the owner's use necessitated a (manual!) transmission rebuild at 80,000 miles. An expensive lesson in diminishing returns I wouldn't recommend to anyone I know.
  • El scotto Rumbling through my pantry and looking for the box of sheets of aluminum foil. More alt right comments than actual comments on international trade policy. Also a great deal of ignorance about the global oil industry. I'm a geophysicist and I pay attention such things. Best of all we got to watch Tassos go FULL BOT on us.