2017 Super Bowl LI Car Commercials - Live(-ish) Coverage!

Chris Tonn
by Chris Tonn
2017 super bowl li car commercials live ish coverage

I’m doing the hard work today – and all for you! I’m couch bound, laptop and beer in hand, here to bring you all the automotive commercials from tonight’s Super Bowl LI.

I’ll update this post, quarter by quarter, with every relevant commercial – after the jump!

Overtime – End Of Game


Shot during the thrilling overtime win by New England, Hyundai had a few extra minutes to finish it up.

Fourth Quarter

Alfa Romeo

Mozzafiato? A cheesy Fiat?


Born to be wild, indeed.

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  • Hummer Hummer on Feb 06, 2017

    I just tried to build a Guilia with the V6, does that SOB really start at $75k? For $75k the engine better be a large V8 or a V10/V12. No way I'm reading this right. I don't see how the V6 could be more than a $1,000 option over the 4, neither engine looks good enough to sell for over $40k.

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    • PrincipalDan PrincipalDan on Feb 06, 2017

      @ajla Pentastar Parmesan... Can I get a Caesar side salad with that?

  • JohnB JohnB on Feb 06, 2017

    Interesting choice of car for the F-150 to pull out of the snow...

  • EBFlex Chrysler has the best infotainment by far. The older uConnect system was bulletproof and never had issues. The newer one based on android auto is a big step backward but it's still very good. Nothing else comes close to Chrysler's infotainment.
  • EBFlex People don't want compromises. They want a vehicle that will match what they have now with ICE which includes very short refueling times, long range, and batteries that don't degrade over a rather short time. In the midwest, people don't live on top of each other. People like their space and are spread out. 30+ mile commutes are common. So is outdoor living which includes towing.Government cars make sense for the coasts where people love to live on top of each other and everything is within walking distance. They don't make sense in areas where it's cold and 40% of your range could be lost. Government cars are just not viable right now for the majority of people and the sales reflect it.
  • MaintenanceCosts There are a lot of lifestyles outside of urban America that don't work well yet with EVs. I live in Seattle and would face minimal (if any) inconvenience from driving only EVs. We are in fact planning to replace our big family car with an EV in 2024. But my relatives in small-town Texas would have to change some things they do unless/until there is a complete fast charging network along rural I-20. That network is coming, but it will be a few more years.
  • VoGhost Five years ago, Tesla was ten years ahead of the competition. I haven't seen anything to suggest that's changed.
  • Varezhka They cheapened out on the hardware side too, so we'll see how much they can improve with the software updates. I know they're using faster processors with some of their newer vehicles, but not sure how much faster.