By on December 1, 2020

Ford has hired Suzy Deering as global chief marketing officer to help execute its plan to unlock customer and company value. Deering will join Ford as head of Global Marketing on January 4, 2021, from worldwide and North America CMO at eBay for five-plus years.

Deering will succeed Joy Falotico as Ford CMO.  The company previously announced that Falotico, who has been managing both marketing and the Lincoln brand for the past three years, will be dedicated solely to her role as president of the Lincoln Motor Company, Ford’s strategically important and growing luxury vehicle brand.

At Ford, Deering will run all marketing operations in North America, which accounts for more than 70 percent of the company’s automotive revenue, including customer intelligence and product and consumer marketing. Deering is said to be accomplished at using technology, data, and analytics to anticipate customer needs and fulfill them. She will be the global leader for modernizing marketing, driving brand strategy and best practices, and developing marketing talent.

“We’re putting more decision-making in the hands of our people who are closest to customers,” said Kumar Galhotra, president, Ford Americas and International Markets Group, to whom Deering will report.  “That makes marketing more important than ever and Suzy’s background will be vital to modernizing our approach, dialing-up our understanding of customer ambitions and redefining our brands to help us grow.”

“Technology will be a powerful part of Ford’s transformation and how we enhance and release the huge value of our iconic brands,” said Deering.  “My team will be involved from end-to-end on behalf of customers – better connecting with them, using data to foresee and deliver what they need, and earning and keeping their trust.”

At eBay, Deering was credited with reviving the global e-commerce company’s brand and enable a sharp increase in revenue over the past two years, driving integrated buyer and seller marketing programs in North America. She connected eBay’s customers through innovation and a strategic marketing perspective. Overseeing eBay’s messaging and investment decisions, she improved marketing ROI, optimized marketing spend allocation, steered cross-channel impact, and managed partners and agencies.

Earlier, she was CEO of Moxie, a technology-led digital marketing, and customer relationship management agency. Prior to that, she spent 13 years at Verizon Wireless, the last two as executive director of Media, Engagements and Integrations.  Deering holds a bachelor’s degree in Advertising from the University of Georgia.

[Image: Ford Motor Company]


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19 Comments on “Ford Hires eBay’s Suzy Deering as Global Chief Marketing Officer...”

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    SCE to AUX

    If/when she discovers that customers don’t want “mobility” – and that there is no ROI for it (whatever “it” is) – how will she break the news to upper management?

    Good luck to her, and to Ms Falotico trying to run Lincoln.

    My advice to Ms Deering: Try to not embarrass Ford with the Mach-E experiment, develop a plausible exit strategy for the F-150 EV if it founders, and get out of ‘mobility’ no matter what. And double-check with the manufacturing engineers before telling us how great the latest product release is.

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    Marketing’s job would be a LOT easier if every second news story about Ford did not begin with the word “recall”.

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    That was genius of Ford to go with someone who appears to have absolutely no relevant experience at all.

    Next step, PROFIT!

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      SCE to AUX

      “My team will be involved from end-to-end on behalf of customers – better connecting with them, using data to foresee and deliver what they need, and earning and keeping their trust.”

      That’s the essence of marketing. Mechanics need not apply. Experience outside of the car bubble could be beneficial. Some auto marketing experience isn’t that great:

      • 0 avatar

        SCE – 15 years ago I’d take an opposing position. Cars aren’t the same as toasters or shoes. People have a different connection with cars and without a marketing department that understands that the company will spin its wheels. At least that’s what I would have said 15 years ago. These days it seems from the blandness of CUVs and SUVs that are all the rage that an awful lot of people have lost that connection with their car. Another indicator is how the technology (non-mechanical) is front and centre in marketing and on manufacturer’s websites. I can’t count the number of times I’ve been on manufacturer’s websites and information on the size of the touchscreen is front and centre but information on torque may be non-existent.

        In the lead up to buying my GLI in ’19 I was surprised that VW still ignored a lot of performance-oriented information to have the touchscreen and user interface up front.

        So it appears that a shoe marketer can do just fine in the automotive business these days.

  • avatar

    Coming soon to

    “or Best Offer”

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    Good luck to Suzy. I’ve seen many times in my career where someone comes into an organization without ” industry experience “. I wouldn’t discount her chances of making positive changes. Her chance of medium and long term success or failure will of course be based on many factors aside from industry experience.

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    Serious question:

    “We’re putting more decision-making in the hands of our people who are closest to customers”

    What does this mean? Are they planning to move to more of a regional focus?

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    C5 is Alive

    It took Ford some time but they finally found their Melody Lee.

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    I hope they make her read “Syrup” by Maxx Barry.

    It’s old, but remains the best and most entertaining sendup of marketing ever.

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    Peter M. De Lorenzo over at The Autoextremist roasted this decision pretty well in “On The Table” (scroll down the page for his take on Deering, and Jim Farley):

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    Ford’s got problems, but marketing won’t solve any of them.

  • avatar

    Didn’t a fellow named Johnson try something like this with J.C. Penny?

  • avatar

    This is blatantly a regurgitated press release.

    “Unlocking customer and company value”? What does this even mean?

    “the Lincoln Motor Company, Ford’s strategically important and growing luxury vehicle brand”? That would be the badge engineering exercise for Ford SUVs, right? Or is that a case of mistaken identity?

    This release oozes the view that marketing and PR are a quick veneer of BS to be applied instead of fixing your problems. The effort would be better spent finding out and fixing why marauding gangs of bullies are harassing women at the Chicago SUV plant, resulting in luxury utes built so sloppily that Flat Rock had to hand-rebuild them.

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    How about put out a quality product consistently?!

    Job One!

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