Lincoln Has a New Design Boss

Steph Willems
by Steph Willems
lincoln has a new design boss

The man tapped to replace former Lincoln Design Director David Woodhouse is someone whose hands have guided the shape and curves of numerous recent Ford and Lincoln products.

As reported by Automotive News, Lincoln Motor Company’s chief designer, Kemal Curic, will replace the Nissan-bound Woodhouse. Having led design work on the new Aviator and upcoming Corsair and brushed aside competitors to win the job of crafting the 2015 Ford Mustang, Curic is an obvious choice for the job.

The Bosnia and Herzegovina-born, German-educated Curic got his start with the company in 2003, when the now 41-year-old joined Ford of Europe. His interest, however, lay overseas. A fan of American muscle, most notably 1960s Mustangs, Curic put his life-long sketch skills to the test by submitting a drawing of what he felt was an appropriate design for the 50th anniversary Mustang.

That sketch led to Curic’s trans-Atlantic relocation as well as the sixth-generation Mustang that bowed for 2015. After four years in the States, Curic jumped to Lincoln in 2014 and was put to work designing the resurrected Continental.

As top dog in Lincoln’s Irvine, California design department, Curic plans to continue the direction taken under Woodhouse’s reign.

“I have been working with David hip to hip; this is what we all have been living and breathing for so long,” Curic told Car Design News.

“The idea is to deliver and build on the great work we’ve been doing. I keep talking about being the progressive American luxury brand. Everything we do starts with a vision and where the brand is going. Quiet flight is our vision, and we will keep using the tenets of beauty, human, gliding, and sanctuary.”

[Image: Lincoln Motor Company]

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