Back in Beige: Who's Ready For Another Special Edition Ram?

Matt Posky
by Matt Posky
back in beige whos ready for another special edition ram

If you’re in the market for a new Ram pickup, the current batch has a grotesque number of special edition models to choose from. There’s the 2019 Ram 1500 Kentucky Derby Edition, 2019 Ram HD Harvest Edition, 2018 Ram Southfork, 2018 Ram Limited Tungsten, 2018 Ram Harvest, and 2018 Ram Sport Hydro Blue.

We figured the Ram Rebel TRX would be the next model to become an official special edition vehicle, but Fiat Chrysler threw us a curveball, indicating that the (probably) Hellcat-powered pickup won’t be available until next year. That leaves FCA with a small window in which to cram yet another limited variant of the Ram.

It’s called the 2018 Ram Power Wagon Mojave Sand and it’s really not so much a special edition as it is a new paint scheme. However, since FCA plans on restricting production to 1,500 units through the remainder of this year, we suppose it qualifies as much as the Sport Hydro Blue — which is limited to just 2,000 units.

Mojave Sand isn’t a new color; it was formerly available on the Ram Rebel. FCA just decided to put it onto the bigger and badder 4×4 Power Wagon as part of $795 limited edition package. But you don’t get anything other than the finite hue and a set of extra black wheels. It still comes packaged with 6.4-liter Hemi V8 with 410 horsepower and 429 foot-pounds of torque.

“The Ram Power Wagon is the most off-road capable production pickup in the market today and offering the new Mojave Sand limited edition will appeal to enthusiasts looking for a truck that stands above the crowd,” said Jim Morrison, head of Ram brand for FCA North America. “Power Wagon is extraordinarily competent off road and provides both the towing and payload required in a heavy-duty truck.”

For what it’s worth, the beige does contrast well with the black bumpers, wheels, and decals. It’s flashy and interesting without being as in-your-face as Flame Red or even Bright White Clear Coat.

The limited-edition truck comes exclusively with an all-black interior and Ram’s standard 8.4-inch Uconnect touchscreen. FCA also decided that optioning the Power Wagon in Mojave Sand would automatically attach it to the Heavy Duty Luxury Group, which includes LED bed lighting, an overhead console, power heated/fold-away mirrors, and a universal garage door opener. That edges up the starting MSRP to $54,830, plus a $1,695 destination fee — which actually makes the Mojave Sand edition closer to $1,700 extra when you account for more than the paint and wheels. Deliveries begin in the final quarter of 2018.

[Images: FCA]

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  • Zackman Zackman on Sep 19, 2018

    Who's ready for another special edition Dodge truck? Nobody, I'm sure. If I were in the market for a pickup truck, I doubt I would ever consider an FCA product, unless it was a Jeep. Of course, I have been known to change my mind on occasion!

  • Jdowmiller Jdowmiller on Sep 19, 2018

    Yet another Bro-Dozer that will “purchased” by peoole who have an annual income less than the MSRP of the truck.

    • Ernest Ernest on Sep 19, 2018

      Daughter's "bro-dozer" due to land by the first of the month. It's Bright White- and it really is a fleet truck, although a Power Wagon saves her two weeks of chasing down aftermarket suppliers to equip the truck for what she needs it to do. Just to further explode the stereotype further, she's an Engineer, works for .gov, and makes more than my wife and I combined. Did I mention she's 26?

  • Bobbysirhan I suppose this explains why almost everything that makes a GM product function has been Chinese for several years now.
  • Kevin 35 grand if a 2 door but not a 4 door!
  • Kevin 35 grand USD for a 57 wagon that still needs lots of work such as spindles body work and what ever else maybe 25 but 35 no thanks I'll stick with what I have. Floor pans replaced and whatever else my 68 chevelle I paid $4800.00 USD 20 years ago and is all original.
  • FreedMike Needs a few more HP to really spice things up...
  • Oberkanone Absolute insanity on our public roads! A danger to society. Bravo Dodge!