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It’s all so exasperating. As I’ve said privately, if firefighters placed Tesla CEO Elon Musk next to any one of California’s devastating wildfires, he’d have immediately sucked up all the oxygen in the area, smothering the flames in an instant.

Is it any wonder why investors, analysts, and Tesla board members are reportedly bothered by CEO Elon Musk’s tweeting? While a recent New York Times interview provided an interesting, if troubled, glimpse into Musk’s life of late, the magic of social media provides a portal through which the entire globe can view Musk’s inner machinations.

Last night, Musk made the brilliant decision to tweet further (potentially libelous) speculation about a man he’s never met, but did once apologize to after calling him a pedophile on Twitter. Of course, this all came about after that man — Vernon Unsworth, the architect of a life-saving Thai cave rescue — dissed Musk’s homemade submarine and essentially told him to stuff it up his ass.

Hey, it’s not like Mary Barra, Jim Hackett, Mike Manley, Carlos Ghosn, Takahiro Hachigo, and Akio Toyoda don’t do the exact same thing in their off hours…

Having screenshot the offending tweets out of an abundance of caution, here they are. It started after Musk took exception to an author claiming he bawled during the NYT interview. (Listen, men are humans, too, and it’s okay to cry sometimes.)

Okay, so for the record, Musk says his voice cracked but didn’t actually cry. This is an important thing to tweet at journalists on the heels of a stock-sinking go-private bid that sparked an SEC investigation and multiple lawsuits. The CEO then got into it with former tech writer Drew Olanoff:

This is the CEO of an automaker risking a threatened lawsuit from a man he’s already apologized to. Something’s amiss in the state of Silicon Valley, if that wasn’t already abundantly clear.

Maybe it was the Ambien talking, but, as Hollywood has shown us, that excuse only gets you so far. Suffice it to say that Musk’s recent blog post, in which he pledged to funnel all of his strength into building electric cars and saving the planet, should have come with an asterisk.

[Image: Elon Musk/Twitter]

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26 Comments on “Musk Man vs. Cave Man, Part Deux...”

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    Future President of the United States right there.

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    The EV market is 1.5%. Tesla has what 50% of that market? So call it 1% of the market. It is a niche market at best. And yet the auto media devotes anywhere from 40-60% of its time covering Tesla/Musk. It would be like ESPN devoting 60% of its coverage to a niche sport like lawn darts.

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      Rob Ford was one politician among thousands, and yet when he got into the white stuff and went bats**t an awful lot more was written about him in the media than the other thousands in similar positions.

      That one model who is big on social media has cornered merely a fraction of a percent of the modelling market. She is one model among hundreds, and in general models of her calibre don’t get that much press coverage to begin with. The media devotes more of its time covering her than all the models put together, just because her sister had sex with certain men, some of which on camera, and in general was professionally managed in order to gain as much publicity as possible.

      Musk makes money through publicity. The publicity machine makes money through him. He can always just shut up if he wants.

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        Yeah but a the Rob Ford hype lasted a few weeks then everyone moved on. The Tesla/Musk hype machine has been going on for 10+ years. All for a niche provider of vehicles for Palo Alto vegans.

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          I_like_stuff: Rob Ford stopped going apes**t and everyone moved on. Musk just keeps piling on the billions of debt and seems to be winding up towards a crescendo of crazy…while making outrageous statements about his and his company’s genius and how everyone else has it completely wrong, are complete morons. What a combination!

          Do you really think we should stop paying attention to Musk and Tesla _now_ just as things are really getting interesting? We’ve been waiting for that balloon to pop of years, and all this waiting has just made things even more unbelievable!

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        “He can always just shut up if he wants.”

        You know, somehow I doubt that. That man’s suffering from a bad case of twitterrhia.

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    As a chronic insomniac who has used Ambien for the last decade, I do wish he’d stop blaming what he says on that particular medication. Ambien can have several unusual side effects, but making you say stupid things isn’t one of them.

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      Maybe you say stupid things when on Ambien as well, but don’t go the extra step of tweeting those stupid things to the world. The stupid part isn’t the saying, the stupid part is the tweeting. And I mean tweeting in general, not just while under Ambien.

      Not to go waaaayyyy off topic, but for me when I need to fall asleep, 5mg of melatonin does the trick. No prescription needed, cheap and it works great.

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    Musk has a point about the stupid “pedo” affair, but geez…lay off the Twitter feed, dude.

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      what point would that be? “If he didn’t sue, then it must be true?”

      I’d wager Unsworth was just going to let it go as absurd until St. Elon brought it up again.

      • 0 avatar

        More like “if someone with deep pockets doesn’t get sued, there must not have been much of a case.”

        • 0 avatar

          People not deeply immersed in the American culture generally don’t have the same predeliction for immediately suing others for either perceived or actual wrongs. Maybe the dude was man enough to just accept the apology and move on with his life.

          But if E.M.’s going to keep poking the hornet’s nest then maybe he deserves to actually get stung.

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    Elon Musk = La Var Ball, both get far to much air time, Elon has done much more to earn his time but man, isn’t this why you have a Board of Directors?

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    Musk is talking himself into a no-win corner.

    If he legitimately has evidence that this guy is a pedophile, why isn’t he turning it over to the authorities?

    If it’s just conjecture based on things he’s heard, that’s still not reason enough to be tossing around accusations of the worst thing (or close to worst thing) someone can be called.

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      I doubt he’s even “heard” anything. He’s just jumping to the conclusion that a white guy could only be in Thailand for one thing.

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        I was trying to give him the benefit of the doubt but yeah, this seems more and more like he just profiled the guy based on a few things (more than just being a white guy but still not appropriate at all for such a serious allegation).

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    Musk seems so confident about the “pedo” statement.
    Is he like the 90s Clintons with a private detective force on the job to look at “enemies”?
    I see that Palladino & Sutherland (conveniently located in SF) are still in business….

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    So the “whistleblower” and his lawyer showed up on Varney and Company on Fox Business this morning. The former employee said his story, he was asked to investigate some supposed drug activity by his supervisor, but the video from the factory cameras was unavailable for the 2 days in question, because supposedly while they were capable of keeping video for 30 days, they were “overloaded” and the footage was not available, and he was dismissed.

    Varney said they reached out to Tesla, and he read the 8/17 statement from Tesla. Fair and balanced, I have no idea. Timing is rather ironic.

    Ready for the incoming bashing, but I’m not picking sides, just figure not everyone is at home every morning. Varney has expressed positive thoughts about Tesla in the past. My guess is that this is the first stop of the “whistleblower tour” on the business shows.

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    A shame that Tesla doesn’t have a board of directors who can pull Musk aside for a come to Jesus.

    Oh wait….

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