Opinion: The Tesla Cybertruck Won't Change the Game

Now that I've had nearly a week to digest the Tesla Cybertruck news, I've come to the conclusion that the Cybertruck will neither revolutionize the automotive market nor be such a flop that it kills Tesla.

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Musk: A Unionized Tesla Would Indicate Failure

Elon Musk has no trouble generating words, both the ones that come out of his mouth (and keyboard fingers) and the ones that breathlessly recap the first type. There was the post on X agreeing with an antisemitic statement, though Musk later apologized. More recently, the controversial CEO shared his thoughts (again) on unions, saying that he believes a Tesla employee union would be a mistake, among many other statements.

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Surprise: More Cybertruck Specs Leak Ahead of Official Reveal

The Tesla Cybertruck is due for an official release next week, but the slow, steady drip of information isn’t stopping. According to forum users in Southern California, the automaker has two Cybertrucks on display at a mall in San Diego, and they claim to have new specs to share.

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Cybertruck Struggles With Light Off-Roading in New Video

We’re just a few weeks away from the four-year anniversary of the Tesla Cybertruck reveal event. The announcement understandably made huge waves in the auto industry and everywhere else, honestly, but that excitement hasn’t survived the several-year wait for many people. Videos like this one aren’t helping the truck’s case, either, as it appears to be struggling with a relatively straightforward off-road obstacle.

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Elon Musk Sued for Spreading Conspiracy Theories on Twitter/X

Elon Musk’s Twitter – umm, X – finger has led him into quite a bit of controversy over the years, including some that ended in the courtroom. Earlier this year, Musk echoed claims that a California college student was involved in a public confrontation between two neo-Nazi groups in Oregon. That turned out not to be true, but the Tesla CEO tweeted about it anyway, and the victim at the center of the hoax is now suing.

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Tesla's Odd Drive-In and Diner-Equipped Supercharger Location Appears to Be Headed for Reality

Tesla builds cars, sells carbon credits, and operates an extensive EV charging network in the U.S., but its resume could be expanding. CEO Elon Musk hinted at building a diner and drive-in movie theater alongside a Tesla charging station in Southern California years ago, and it now appears the plan could become a reality, as Teslarati reported that the automaker got approval from local officials to proceed.

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Musk: Cybertruck Tolerances Need to Be to the "Third Decimal Place in Millimeters"

The internet is full of photos and videos of Tesla vehicles with misaligned body panels and quality control problems upon delivery. CEO Elon Musk is on guard as the automaker’s most anticipated vehicle launch in years approaches, as one of his recent emails surfaced that shows him telling engineering teams that manufacturing tolerances for the truck must be perfect.

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Tesla Will Do a "Little Advertising" After All

Tesla has long avoided advertising, opting instead to use the money to improve its products, or at least that’s what CEO Elon Musk initially said. That said, he’s changed his tune, and purchasing an ad-funded social media likely played a role. Musk recently told shareholders that Tesla would “try out a little advertising and see how it goes.”

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Report: Your Tesla May Have Been Spying on You

We've often worried about inappropriate surveillance via in-car cameras. Sometimes, I personally wonder if that's irrational paranoia. A new report concerning Tesla suggests it probably isn't.

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QOTD: Expecting Anything From Tesla?

Telsa's Investor Day will be starting soon after this publishes -- and I am wondering what, if anything, you're expecting in terms of news from the company.

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Mexico’s President Says Tesla Building Mexican EV Plant

On Tuesday, Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador announced that Tesla will be building a plant south of the border. Confirmation comes following a call with CEO Elon Musk – held on Monday – with promises that the American company would be issuing a series of commitments designed to address regional water scarcity. The alleged plant is said to be located in Monterrey, which has historically struggled to cope with drought. 

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QOTD: Will the Tesla Cybertruck Actually Bow Soon?

There are photos on the Intertoobz of the Tesla Cybertruck testing, undisguised, in California.

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Tesla Quietly Bumps Model Y Prices by $500 After Slashing Thousands Off the MSRP Earlier This Year

Tesla made waves when it slashed prices earlier this month, but it appears the fluctuations aren’t finished. The automaker cut Model Y prices by $13,000 earlier in January but recently re-raised the price by $500.

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QOTD: What's Happening With Tesla?

Mr. Guy wrote this morning about Tesla and how it appears that the company's cars are being sold to rental fleets. As most of you know, large fleet sales are often seen as a negative mark on the health of a company and can also tank resale values.

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Elon Musk Tweet Leads to Investigation of Tesla

Stop me if you've heard this before -- Elon Musk tweeted something that has him and/or one of his companies in trouble with regulators.

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