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In today’s automotive naming culture, “300 Sport” cannot possible mean there’s a 3.0-liter engine under the hood. Too obvious. No, much like the Mercedes-Benz C300, the 2019 Jaguar XE 300 Sport will not budge above two liters of displacement.

It will, however, budge well above the priciest 2.0-liter XE’s MSRP. Luckily, you’ll probably never need to know about this, as the XE’s lacklustre U.S. sales suggest this introduced-in-Europe trim will remain on the east side of the Atlantic.

The XE 300 Sport is an all-wheel-drive variant powered by the top-tier four-banger in Jag’s engine stable: a 296-horsepower Ingenium mill that generates 295 lb-ft of torque, tamed by an eight-speed automatic.

The 300 Sport revels in a unique shade of dark gray that shows up everywhere — the mirror caps, rear spoiler, grille surround, and 19-inch wheels (20-inchers are available). Inside, sporty contrast stitching makes it known this Jag is not merely a 296-hp, AWD R-Sport. In case you don’t get the message, exterior badging hamners the point home. A 10-inch touchscreen spans the center stack, offering ample distraction for both driver and passenger.

Yes, it’s mainly an appearance package, one that garners a significant price premium across the pond. British customers can expect to fork over the equivalent of nearly $10k extra for this model. In the U.S., an R-Sport retails for $53,620 after delivery.

Why all the cynicism? Jaguar sales fell 34 percent, year over year, in the U.S. last month, with sales of the XE down 54.4 percent. Over the first quarter of 2018, sales of the XE, introduced in mid-2016, declined 45.9 percent. Jaguar’s domestic sales aren’t driven by sedans, regardless of available power — it’s the F-Pace crossover that dominates the sales charts.

The XF also gets the 300 Sport treatment in Europe, with a turbodiesel V6 available in some markets, but it’s unlikely Jag will expend any new energy on the XE and XF over here. So far, there’s been no announcement of a 300 Sport trim for these shores. As much as Jaguar Land Rover would like it, it’s hard to see buyers springing for an extra expensive four-cylinder Jaguar.

[Images: Jaguar Land Rover]

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18 Comments on “When 300 Means 2.0: Jaguar’s Smallest Sedan Lands New Trim...”

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    I don’t want to say the XE sucks.
    But the XE sucks.

    • 0 avatar


      Have you driven one?

      • 0 avatar

        Yes. I drove one of the first XE 3.0Ls available in my area.

        If there was a way to show my commenting history on the XE you could see my initial optimism on the car turn into criticism after the experience.

        Even worse, a major reason I was originally excited about the XE was Jaguar offering the more “mid-level” 340hp V6 trim, but they don’t do that any longer. Now if you want more than a turbo-4 you have to go for the $50k+ 380hp version.

        And they dropped dark green from the color choices in the US.

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    Ingenium is a typically dopey Brittish marketing name. In America we will call it “Ingenum”.

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    30-mile fetch

    Speaking of luxury brands adrift, here’s a Jaguar article right after one on Cadillac.

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    X-Type, is that you?

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    C&D had an XE V6 long termer, and it was bigly bad. I think they went through about 6 sets of tires in 40K miles, and had other issues.

    XE V6…. like an old Pathfinder. Does not bode well for the F-Pace, which is this in lifted wagon form….

    • 0 avatar

      co-worker has a f-pace. loves it. only one warranty repair in a year so far, an interior trim piece in the rear fell off.

      i took it for a drive, it’s nice. has a long-term f-pace and they really like it, though not for long drives.

      and, as the saying goes, they seem to be selling every one that they make; a quick google search shows.

      • 0 avatar

        Hopefully that’s a normal experience. Most of C&D’s problems centered around low profile tires + Michigan roads, but I do think the infotainment conked out.

        Truthfully, the 3-5-7 recipe is no go for most brands. Jag probably would have done better to make a SWB and LWB XF starting at that ~$35K price point. Same with Lexus and the GS

  • avatar

    What if I told you

    The XE doesn’t sell because it’s just a generic car

  • avatar

    I like Jags but not the XE it is far too generic. But so too is the BMW 3 series. The Jaguars interior is full but so too is the 3 series. The lesson for Jaguar is to have the confidence to take on Germany’s finest and beat them not to just at at matching them.

    I have to say this is a very US centric article because using 300 in Europe often would indicate bhp. MG did it for years and other makers seemed to copy them.

    • 0 avatar

      C’mon, you’re rewriting history in your head.

      Mercedes 220, 2.2 litre.
      Mercedes 280, 2.8 litre
      Mercedes 450 SL 4.5 litre

      Then gradually off into no causal relation in the ’90s

      BMW 1600, 2000, 316, 318 etc. Then putting 1.8s in them and calling them 320i and finally going off the rails completely. Where was the horsepower in the midel name? Ever?

      MGA, MGB, Midget – sure mentions hp. Not.

      “because using 300 in Europe often would indicate bhp.” What, Like 328i and 330i for a 2.0t turbo with 240 horsepower, although different engines.

      Nice try, but incorrect.

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    Due to changing emission standards outside North America, which perversely in Europe means fuel economy by grams of CO2 per kilometer, the V6 is being dropped from the Jag XE over there. It guzzleth too much motor spirit.

    Really, all that’s happening is that they are canning the old NEDC cycle which made the original EPA mileage ratings look pessimistic, they are moving to WLTP standards, which are only merely a big lie instead of a whopper. So now your 1.0 litre diesel will officially only get 65 mpg instead of 82, or some other number plucked out of thin air and bureaucratic nonsense

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    I want to like this car but only having a bottom-feeding 4-banger turbo to choose from somehow makes spending even more money for the XJ worth it. Buying this car is like dating the pretty chick at the prom and finding out that her breath stinks of hot garbage and sewage

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