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2018 Volkswagen Tiguan - Image: Volkswagen

Volkswagen’s pre-dieselgate “take over the world” scheme appears to have returned in a smaller, more manageable form. Now, VW’s plan is simply to plunder the compact crossover segment — not an easy task, given the fierce competition.

The automaker’s strategy involves spanning the segment with two vehicles carrying the name badge. The old, criticised-for-its-size Tiguan continues on as the Tiguan Limited, while the new-for-2018 next-generation model ferries three rows of passengers on a nearly 11-inch longer wheelbase. Now, we learn of Phase 2 of VW’s plan. Chop the price.

According to a dealer notice obtained by Automotive News, VW’s taking a chainsaw to Tiguan MSRPs. Starting with a price cut of $600 for front- and all-wheel-drive Tiguans in base S trim, the savings ratchet up to $2,180 on all mid-range SE models. Buyers of SEL models will see $1,460 shaved off the sticker, while the Tiguan SEL Premium stays put, as that model carries the most automaker gravy.

The newfound savings do not trickle down to the Tiguan Limited. With the price cut in place, the gap between a FWD Tiguan S ($25,495 after delivery) and a base Tiguan Limited ($22,860) shrinks to $2,635. The new starting price places the Tiguan S $650 above the two-row Ford Escape S, $370 above an entry-level Honda CR-V, $70 above a base Toyota RAV4, and $280 below a Nissan Rogue S.

Competitive pricing, to say the least. Already, the two-Tiguan strategy is paying off in terms of sales. In December, U.S. sales of the Tiguan nameplate surpassed November’s record haul by over 1,100 vehicles — a 44.6 percent year-over-year increase, and that’s taking into account December 2016’s industry-wide sales bonanza. In the U.S. and Canada, 2017 was the highest-volume year in the Tiguan’s lifespan.

Breaking the figures down to two models, the next-generation Tiguan is still responsible for the bulk of Tiguan sales. U.S. buyers took home 5,770 long-wheelbase models and 2,291 Tiguan Limiteds in December. Even if VW had decided to ditch the old model, December would still be a record month for Tiguan sales.

In case you’re wondering if Volkswagen’s run out of ways to draw compact crossover buyers away from other brands, it hasn’t. There’s a two-row variant of the long-wheelbase Tiguan on the way.

[Image: Volkswagen]

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26 Comments on “Volkswagen Gives Tiguan a Price Haircut as Sales Soar...”

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    Test drove one a few weeks ago. Great alternative for the CR-V, RAV4, Rogue, and Escape. Still not a Forester XT. But the Tiguan handled well.

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      30-mile fetch

      Fat, slow, and boring with uncertain reliability and resale. I see little of the character that made VWs worth the risk in this Tiguan, so unless the lease rates are favorable I’d stick with a CR-V.

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        Turbo Is Black Magic

        As kind of a VW diehard (currently have a MK7 GTI and Touareg) it pains me to say the new Tiguan is horrible. It’s a gutless pig with a rough running engine, a confused transmission, and the halogens you get on anything less than the SEL premium are probably the worst headlights made it the last 20 years. Step up to the massively overpriced SEL premium to get good ones and you are at the $35k range… this thing can’t compete in that weight class.

        Anyway, probably the worst VW I have driven since they initially dumbed down the Jetta.

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          The embarrassing thing is… the upgraded LED headlights actually have worse long throw illumination as per the IIHS.

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        Maybe you should test drive a new Tiguan. Cr-v is not awful, just cannot stand the rear bumpers that carry into the rear wheel wells. Just looks cheap. There is also every other 65+ yo drives a cr-v. It’s become the senior citizens auto of choice.

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          30-mile fetch

          I have no interest in a fat, slow, boring CUV with uncertain reliability and resale when there are reliable slow and boring CUVs that keep their value and even some fairly quick and slightly interesting CUVs.

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            Understood. To keep everyone informed.

            Cr-v 73”
            Tiguan 72”

            0-60 Times:
            Cr-v 7.6 sec
            Tiguan 8.4 sec
            RAV4 9.3 sec
            RAV4 Hybrid 8.2 sec
            Rogue 9.1 sec
            Escape 2.0 eb 7.3 sec
            Escape 1.6 eb 8.2 sec
            Equinox 2.0t 7.2 sec
            Tucson 1.6t 7.4 sec
            Forester XT 6.8 sec
            Forester 2.5i 8.7 sec

          • 0 avatar

            what exactly are those numbers supposed to prove? 30-mile is correct, the new Tiguan is a good 400lb heavier than the CRV, has a less than stellar reliability record, yet doesn’t offer much in the way of extra features/performance to pull people away from the “tried and true” options within the fairly tame/boring/pragmatist segment that is compact CUVs.

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            Gtem, those are 0 to 60 mph times. Actual facts about those vehicles. Not trying to start an emotional battle.

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            Okay, and 30-mile specifically asked why consider a Tiguan “when there are reliable slow and boring CUVs that keep their value” referring to the CRV and Rav4 for example, looking at your own list.

            What don’t you get about the point that he made? Your own figures support it.

            You tried to come out with a “zinger” of facts but it (predictably) blew up in your face.

          • 0 avatar

            Posting 0 to 60 Times blew up in my face ? Facts matter to some people. Sad that upsets some.

          • 0 avatar

            I think you guys are massively overreacting. I got to drive a SE w roof for a brief trip (40 miles) and it was really nice. Waaaay nicer than any Forrester, rav4 or crv I’ve been in, and every single parent I know owns a car in this class or a three row. I’m the weirdo with the wagon.

            As far as the drive complaints go I don’t get it. Were you in eco mode? The transmission was a little odd at first but it’s 4 degrees right now and it smoothed right out once it warmed up. One thing I didn’t like was the default light steering, but just like my wife’s gti, play with drive modes and that gets fixed right away. Makes sense that I would find that given my familiarity with the brand.

            I could understand these criticisms if you guys are comparing to older and smaller cuvs, among which the old tiguan was a driver’s choice. The current offerings are all large and cumbersome now though and it looks like vw aimed more for interior volume and interior feel, which is exactly why the are selling better.

          • 0 avatar

            I’m not sure people that criticize vehicles have actually driven the vehicles they are criticizing. I understand there is an emotional aspect to vehicles, and certainly for the cr-v which I completely do not understand. As regards to the Tiguan, it does have 221 ft/lbs torque. Which is noticeable very low in the rpms. As for the interior, I don’t see how anyone honestly could compare a RAV4 with its rock hard dash to the Tiguan, CR-V, or Forester interiors. For ride and handling. I did not get the rolly polly feeling in the Tiguan like I did in the CR-V. But some like that softer feeling and it’s good we have so many options of smaller SUVs. I posted the 0-60 times of the most popular smaller SUVs. Some didn’t like actual facts regarding these SUVs. But facts are facts. The Tiguan is middle of the road in this category.

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      VW4…………….It’s not April 1st yet
      Alternative to :=)

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      Let’s not forget that VW is giving all of these new cars a 6-year, 72-month comprehensive, bumper-to-bumper warranty. That’s the best in the business, and even better than Kia/Hyundai. It’s not enough to get me into one, but it’s a helluva of a step up from 3/36, particularly for a car/brand, with spotty reliability history. I’d take the extra 3 years of warranty coverage over a discount of a grand or so, and now they’re doing both. If they could get the mpg nearer the Niro, they’d be king of the world in this segment.

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    A classic American story line; manufacturer dumbs down the car (in terms of driving dynamics), makes it bigger perhaps cuts a price a shade and the sales soar to the sky.

    • 0 avatar

      A good story until you read to the end. VW did the same with the Jetta/Passat and sales soared for a bit, then came right back down to where they were withh the previous models…. minus the juicy, warranted profit margins. Tiguan faces several fronts… it’s late to market, market is in decline, and competition is as fierce as ever. Truthfully, VW should have just right sized the Tiguan from the get go. It was in a good position. I think there are a good amount of people who want something nicer than a mainstreamer that don’t want to pay $60K for a 2.0T German CR-V.

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    Jeremiah Mckenna

    A three row Tig.? Are you serious? You can barely get any cargo in that area and now you want to put another row back there? Are you going to put your infant back there? Because that is all that will fit, even with 11 inches, it will be small.

    • 0 avatar

      The new Tiguan is much longer than the old one, cargo space behind the 2nd row really isn’t an issue anymore. The third row in all the vehicles in its class are tight, and are really best suited for throwing a kid back there for a short trip instead of having them sit 3 across. If you regularly need the 3rd row you should be looking larger.

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    The local VW store has a lengthy row of almost identical silver and white Atlases fronting the main road. Behind them, a somewhat shorter row of silver and white Tiguans. Behind them, a smattering of Jettas and a lonely Passat. No Golfs, Beetles, Alltracks, etc. to be seen. Clearly they’ve gone “all in” on the new SUV strategy. I asked if they were expecting any Alltracks coming in, the sales “associate” told me “no” and pointed me towards a Tiguan.

    • 0 avatar

      I wonder if VW will pull a GM and make dealers start taking cars they don’t want to get cars they want. Local Pontiac dealer would tell me how he had to take so many G3s to get the G6s he wanted.

      “Sure we’ll confirm that order for 6 more Atlas’ but you’ll have to take 2 Beatles and a Passat to get them.”

    • 0 avatar

      Beetles and Golfs have been held back some to allow the 17s to sell. The new warranty length will make them a very tough sell if there are 18s on the lot.

    • 0 avatar

      And there still are no 2018 Alltracks or Golfs on dealer lots. Someone on vwvortex said possibly March before they’re widely on lots. Seems like VW is catering to SUV buyers first now. Oh well, there are plenty of other brands out there to choose from.

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    I went into a dealer to check one of these out mostly due to their very attractive lower trim pricing. You do get what you pay for, the lower trim Tiguans feels incredibly cheap (seats and dash) and honestly looks pretty terrible from the inside overall.

    I did not drive it.

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    george smathers

    We ordered one last month. It’s for my wife and she wanted the Orange (don’t ask me). I used to have a hot modified MK IV Golf and this is not the same thing but it is OK. We needed the occasionally-used third row. It’s tight even for thin adults but it’s doable.

    I rented a Rogue recently and the VW seemed about the same for quality and power. It’s not a hot hatch so I don’t really expect much in performance but since you can hold a gear you can get a bit more power out of it. Nothing to get excited about but also nothing to harsh on.

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