Jeep's High-end Wagoneer, Grand Wagoneer Won't Be Unibody After All

jeeps high end wagoneer grand wagoneer wont be unibody after all

After claiming that the upcoming Jeep Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer SUVs would use a variant of the next-generation Grand Cherokee’s unibody platform, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles has changed its mind.

Speaking at the North American International Auto Show, FCA CEO Sergio Marchionne said the top-end SUVs will instead adopt body-on frame architecture. The change tosses the vehicles’ lofty predicted price ceiling — $140,000, according to Jeep boss Mike Manley — in the trash heap.

Both models are bound for FCA’s aging Warren truck plant, which will receive a much-needed cash injection. Describing Warren as being “in dire need of a substantial overhaul,” Marchionne claimed that a portion of the automaker’s $1 billion will help modernize and retool the plant after Ram 1500 production departs for Sterling Heights.

Since the word “Wagoneer” first left the lips of FCA executives, the trajectory of the two models has been a strange one. First, the two were rumored to simply be upper-level trims of the Grand Cherokees. FCA then clarified the roles, though both future models remained without a home as FCA shuffled U.S. production in a bid to boost Ram and Jeep output. While no longer assembly plant orphans, this latest news just adds to the unusual build-up.

Still, FCA’s greatest Jeep concern remains bringing the next-generation Wrangler to market. Describing it as “the perfect car,” Marchionne said boosted Wrangler output at the Toledo Assembly Complex (300,000 per year, on paper) will satisfy the global demand for the off-roader once the updated model comes online. “It fixes all the problems with the old car and keeps the identity of the Wrangler,” he said.

The new Wrangler will appear as a 2018 model, to be followed by a pickup variant, while the two luxury SUVs could appear as 2019 models.

What frame will the new SUVs use? The updated platform used by the next-gen Wrangler would be too narrow, leaving the next-gen Ram 1500 — due to start production in January 2018 — as a possibility, at least.

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  • Jthorner Jthorner on Jan 11, 2017

    Shhh, don't tell anyone a 1972 Chevrolet Caprice Classic can't have a good ride because it is a BOF vehicle :).

  • Danio3834 Danio3834 on Jan 11, 2017

    Or, perhaps one will be unibody and the other BOF...

  • Garrett They’ve basically screwed Alfa over. Nobody’s going to buy the Tonale. Also, the last Dodge compact vehicle was also a reworked Alfa.
  • Kip65688146 "Everyone is worried about the public stations, but why don't we focus on the low hanging fruit: home charging? "BAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.............This guy gets it!I'll add current battery tech means EV's in their current state are not replacements for ICE Cars & trucks but make a good argument as 2rd or 3rd vehicles in mulit-car households which is hardly a niche market.
  • 2ACL Looking forward to the next part. I didn't like the first generation, but the second-generation was on my radar; I like the low-key, yet elegant styling, and the automotive media raved that the road-handling was significantly cleaned up from its nautical predecessor's. I'd still consider one if a replacement event unexpectedly befell my TL, but developments since have made that something of a long shot.
  • Deanst “Switching to EVs will be end of the Dodge brand. Nobody wants EVs.”Tesla, a brand which only sells EVs, is the number 1 luxury vehicle seller in America. But do go on…….
  • Randall Tefft Sundeen Oldsmobile was ALWAYS my favorite GM marque ! I remember as a kid you couldn't walk down the street without tripping on one! In 1977 and 1984 respectively olds sold. Million units, GM's second biggest seller as well as being the test brand for new options (Why take a risk with Cadillac?) The first CLUTCHLESS MANUAL , the first ELECTRIC POWER WINDOWS the first AUTOMATIC not to mention in 1974 the first airbag. Iam fortunate enough to live in a warm climate where old cars are plentiful sadly very few Oldsmobiles. Many features we take for granted were developed by this special brand