Is the World Ready for a $140,000 Jeep?

Steph Willems
by Steph Willems
is the world ready for a 140 000 jeep

The Jeep brand can seemingly do no wrong, at least on its balance sheet, but are consumers ready to shell out six figures for a top-flight SUV with a seven-slot grille?

That’s the price range Jeep plans to probe with its upcoming Grand Wagoneer, the uppermost of two luxury vehicles designed to slot above the Grand Cherokee, Auto Express reports.

Speaking at the Paris Motor Show, Jeep brand head Mike Manley claimed that the Grand Wagoneer concept was “moving forward,” and will compete — ideally — with the likes of Range Rover, Porsche and BMW.

“I don’t think there’s a maximum price ceiling per se for Jeep,” Manley told Auto Express. “If you look at the upper end of the segment in the US, for me, the Grand Wagoneer done well can compete all the way through this segment.”

While he feels that there might not be an upper limit to price, Manley admits that, well, there might be an upper limit. The model needs to establish itself first, he said.

“I’ll use US dollars, but pushing the car up to $130,000 to $140,000 may be possible,” said Manley.

If Jeep can pull off the necessary build quality and luxury trappings, it could prove a very lucrative move. As Fiat Chrysler Automobiles’ top breadmaker, the automaker has made clear its plans to tap every market, be it geographic or socioeconomic.

Not much is known about Jeep’s future luxury vehicles, expected to bow as 2019 models, except that they’ll ride atop a version of the next-generation Grand Cherokee platform. In fact, FCA CEO Sergio Marchionne isn’t even sure

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  • Flipper35 Flipper35 on Oct 07, 2016

    Considering people will spend $30k on a package from AEV for a Wrangler, I can see some of these upper end models selling just fine. Different class, sure, but we are talking about $65-$80 for a Wrangler.

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    • S2k Chris S2k Chris on Oct 07, 2016

      Jeep dealer in the fancy part of town here had a $65k Wrangler 4dr in the showroom because it had an aftermarket power top. Crazy.

  • Awdpanda Awdpanda on Oct 07, 2016

    At least with a larger car and possibly higher ground clearance, when a driver misplaces putting the gear in park, you can duck and stay under.

  • RHD I wonder if these will be as easy to steal as so many other Kias are...
  • Zerog Isn't this the car that the self anointed AutoExtremist said would finally shut down Tesla AND the Prius?Just like his father - that Detroit bubble does him no good
  • Zerog When will the media admit that Mary Barra has simply been a disaster of a CEO, and "Dan the Man" Akerson is to blame?
  • Tassos When the Volt was on sale, it cost twice as much as the (better looking!) Chevy Cruze on which it was based. The interior of the Volt did not match that lofty price either. I like plug-in vehicles with a good Electric only range and no range anxiety. People with a 40 mile commute each way, if they were allowed to free charge at the office especially, could save some $ with the Volt, but not as much as to justify its lofty price.The 2nd gen VOlt was less nerdy looking than the 1st, but also even more similar to the new Cruze and indeed the Civic, which cost almost HALF. Then the geniuses at GM made a 2-door Caddy out of the Volt, the ELR, which was much smaller inside than the already cramped Volt, and... asked for... 4 times the price of the CRUZE. Don't remember the failed Caddy Cimarron? Neither did those morons.So a good idea in principle was screwed beyond recognition. GM Bled billions despite the lofty price, sold a bunch of VOlts, and finally had to cry "UNCLE". The end.I am not at all attracted by the VOlt's lousy interior. Its gas only MPG is also lousy compared to the ICE competition. A prius was 50% cheaper and far more sophisticated mechanically and got a stellar 50 MPG overall, and could be had in plugin with 10-20 mile range (the current one will double that again).
  • Buickman GM marketing killed many a car.