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BMW Films

Before Twitter and Facebook and all that other social media crap that complicates your life, BMW was hiring legendary (or noted) filmmakers to shoot a series of eight 10-minute short films.

The directors instilled their years of experience into the plot and cinematography of each spot, with big-name actors brought on for flashy star power. Perhaps the last time Madonna was relevant was in one of these flicks. (It was directed by Guy Ritchie — when he was last relevant, too. —Mark) And all of this happened before YouTube! Can you believe how much you’ve aged?

Well, BMW Films is back, and it’s packing a Brit.

The automaker released a teaser of an upcoming short film, The Escape. Like the original films, British actor Clive Owen (Sin City, Children of Men, that film about the couples that made everyone uncomfortable) is back as “the driver,” BMW in tow.

The film celebrates the 15th anniversary of The Hire.

BMW shot the original short films in 2001 and 2002, distributing them a number of ways, including on DVD. So quaint. This time, you’ll simply need to visit on October 23 at 6 p.m. (EST) for a shot of action and a healthy side of marketing.

For The Escape, BMW tapped Academy Award-nominated director Neill Blomkamp, known for such movies as District 9 and Elysium. As far as we can tell, this film takes place in the present day, with no aliens in sight.

Hey, it looks better than one of those insufferable #brand #thinkfluencer events, and far more pulse-pounding than that Danish Ford ad with the unhappy kids and ruined marriage.

[Image capture: BMW Films]

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21 Comments on “Clive Owen Returns! After 15 Years, BMW Films Is At It Again...”

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    Given the director involved, there will be a subtle message in there about white privilege and racial/economic segregation.

    Also, Clive Owen has looked like the same disheveled businessman in almost all his films! The headline image could easily be from The International in 2008 (Though really only the A8 was featured in that movie.)

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    My goodness, has it been fifteen years? I remember ripping these from the web and transcoding them on my old PowerBook (a 2400, IIRC) to play from DVD.

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    The originals really made a 16 year old me want to buy and drive a BMW. It took quite a few negative experiences with their vehicles for me to loose my enthusiasm.

    I think it was a very good ad campaign, and am surprised that other manufacturers haven’t copied the concept.

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    Owen would have made a good Bond.

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    The hands-off-the-wheel power slide from Star was an absolute favorite clip of 18 year old Quentin.

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      Duuuude. I mentioned this today in our internal chat. He’s so nonchalant about it with his finger snapping, too. Absolutely perfect acting.

      • 0 avatar

        Don’t forget the other one where he is looking back over his shoulder, taunting the star and doing some variant of jazz hands. I might have to go watch it now.

        The Gary Oldman one was pretty entertaining as well… especially when Marilyn Manson starts beating on Oldman’s door about keeping the noise down. The series was generally a nice balance between keeping things lighthearted but dramatic.

        I have them floating around on official DVD somewhere.

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          Madonna is outstandingly terrible in this but I think more than anything else, that short film impressed on my the importance of the greatest car drivetrain format ever devised… that is:

          1. front engined V8
          2. 6 speed manual
          3. rwd with limited slip

          it was right but then, its still right today, it will be right long after we’re all dead

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            I think Madonna’s lines are intentionally hokey in such a way that they could never be delivered well even with a better actress. I think it sets up the light, silly side of it considering the Blur soundtrack and The Ride of the Valkyries during the jump.

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            I remember seeing these and, a few (several) years later, trying out an E39 540i. As nice as the car is, the steering is pretty lifeless; I had a Mazda Protege at the time and was sorely disappointed by the V8 E39.

            I’d swap the inline six for the eight in order to get non-truck steering.

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    I loved those. But I have to point out an error in the story here. NO WAY HAS IT BEEN 15 YEARS! Mumblefratz. Not dying, that’s how I got this old.

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    SWEET ! .

    Will this be a full length motion picture or just another fun advert ? .

    I got the original DVD when it first was released, somehow it got away from me =8-( .


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