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Aston Martin AM37

Cue the yacht rock.

Aston Martin’s latest offering isn’t a curvaceous, high-performance car. Nor is it an SUV. It’s a boat, and a nice one at that — but it’s also a gamble. The British automaker wants to squeeze money out of previously untapped markets, starting with the boaty set.

After this, the sky’s the limit.

Unveiled at the Monaco Yacht Show, which sounds glitzy beyond our wildest dreams, the Aston Martin AM37 is the luxury speedboat Daniel Craig would pilot. Because this isn’t TTAB, the particulars of this watercraft are not very important.

Suffice it to say, the 37-foot powerboat seats eight, does zero to 50 knots eventually, has a carbon fiber dashboard, contains every creature comfort ever envisioned by man, and can sleep a number of attractive people. Somewhere inside, there’s a coffee machine and toilet. (Also: don’t expect an Aston powerplant — this thing packs twin 520 horsepower Mercury engines in top-end guise.)

Aston Martin AM37

That fact that the thing exists at all shows how serious Aston Martin is to diversify its product lineup. A design team spent two years on the project, collaborating with naval architect Mulder Design and Quintessence Yachts. On the team? Some of the same men and women who designed the One-77, Vulcan, and DB11

“It was important to us when considering this project to make sure that the boat design was as beautiful and timeless as our cars,” said Marek Reichman, the automaker’s executive vice president and chief creative officer, in a statement.

Before the first AM37 hits the water, the automaker was already branching out. Not content to simply offer swag on the side, a la Ferrari, Aston Martin recently opened a store in London’s trendiest neighborhood. Inside the automaker sells its own dinnerware and baby carriages. Perhaps the Detroit Three should pay attention to this brand strategy. (Then again, perhaps not.)

The company has even mulled marketing bespoke buildings — luxury apartments, or maybe a whole house. It may seem odd to some, but for Aston Martin it’s a hedge against uncertainty. High-end sportscars made the company what it is, but that product strategy might not keep it alive forever. If vehicle sales dwindle, the brand’s finances and reputation erode. Already, the automaker is in the red, reporting a $166 million pre-tax loss in 2015, though it aims to balance its books by 2018. Have you seen the profit margins on a yacht?

For those interested in wrangling a loan from their bank, the Aston Martin AM37 retails for $1.95 million.

[Images: Aston Martin]

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29 Comments on “Aston Martin AM37: Congratulations, It’s a Boat!...”

  • avatar

    Seats eight, a nice floaty ride, and wood paneling? What’s not to love?

    [Muffled Christopher Cross playing in the distance]

    • 0 avatar

      I was surfing the net looking up river boats and came across a twin 6.7 litre ISV Cummins powered jet boat. Top speed of 63 miles per hour. Now that would be fun in my part of the world.

  • avatar

    Are “boat people” the sort who’d respect AM branding on boats? I feel like boating would be one of those things where the old names are what the money generally likes, and only someone from the UAE or Russia would turn up in one of these.

    • 0 avatar

      A 37′ open boat is going to be a kinda-sorta toy, IMHO. It’s a very fancy version of a cigarette boat, though from the sounds of it, it has a convertible hardtop which makes it a bit more practical in marginal conditions.

      Relative to the “competitors” (and again, I’m not sure how much competition there is in the very-fancy small speedboat market), I assume it will command Aston Martin money.

      It may be there’s a sweet spot here for customers who want a luxury experience in a very fast boat: there’s many other watercraft that are built to this level of fit and finish, but they aren’t performance-oriented: they’re seaworthy houses. Meanwhile, boats as fast or faster than this tend to be fairly spartan.

      • 0 avatar

        Thanks for the detail. I hope it fails, if only because it’s a shameless money grab.

      • 0 avatar

        There have been auto cross over’s before in the marine market. They usually don’t last long most have been in the performance market as well. They do however seem to generate a lot of press in the marine world which is kind of funny but they usually only sell a couple and it fades away.

        In the small expensive play boat class (boating GT’s as it were ) your looking at these guys for whats out there

        Sheleter island
        Intrepid Boats

        And a whole bunch of others way more boatbuilders then car builders in the world.

  • avatar

    Also, this AM37 was built in collaboration with a company called Quintessence Yachts…

    Which has not actually built any other yachts, and includes former employees of Spyker at the helm. You click on their YACHTS header, and it tells you about how awesome the company is, and shows zero photos of the yachts they’ve never made.


    “Aston Martin has found the perfect partner in Quintessence Yachts, a partner that has been flexible enough to teach us about the nautical world. Quintessence is not just one of our licensees… It is part of the full concept of the Aston Martin art of living that we are delivering.”

    Katia Bassi, Managing Director of AM Brands.

    How are they teaching you of the nautical world when they were founded this year, and haven’t made anything nautical?

  • avatar

    Those look pretty close to the boats during the chase scene in Venice in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade… would they still work after being shot by gun-wielding religious fanatics?

  • avatar

    This type of cross promotion is interesting. I’m not sure but I’ll hazard a guess that this was developed by a boat manufacturer which in turn licensed it to AM.

    If i’m in the market why purchase an Aston Martin instead of a Cigarette, Fountain, Chaparral or Donzi. These names are known for performance on the water.

    Next, I guess AM will have their own jet but why buy it when Gulfstream, Bombardier and Dassault exist?

    Good luck to Aston, I’m sure there will be a few takers.

  • avatar
    Arthur Dailey

    In their entire history how many fiscal years has Aston-Martin shown a net profit?

    So in fact they do have to branch out. Hopefully not in the same way as Studebaker which eventually gave up automobile manufacturing for more profitable enterprises. Or AMC whose AM General division still exists.

    And since there are many consumers for Ferrari branded cologne, or clothing with the Ferrari emblem, then why not Aston-Martin?

  • avatar

    If you’ve ever watched those dopey-arsed reality TV shows like “Selling Mega Yots” or “Private Erlands”, you’ll notice that the idiot “customers” are typically naive when it comes to anything about expensive boats other than ‘how many bedrooms’ it has, or how much the initial cost is.

    What will make this boat sell over a Cig, or a Fountain, or back in my salad days a Donzi or Riva, will be the ‘luster’ of the exclusivity of an AM Yot.

    They will only sell those which will be bought.

  • avatar
    Hogie roll

    If it isnt an outboard powered center console right now, no one cares.

    This will be a footnote in a few years. A few will ride around with super yachts as tenders, then sell for pennies on the dollar when they get a new tender.

    And it’s 2-4x too expensive.

  • avatar

    I’d make sure your Sea Tow membership is current before heading out in this bad boy.

  • avatar

    At least Lamborghini supplied (still does?) actual Lambo marine engines, like these:

  • avatar

    Let’s focus on the real question: What weapons does it have?

  • avatar

    By the way, I like how the last two Bond films have made a useful character out of Moneypenny. Not just an office assistant for a one-liner in each film.

  • avatar

    Ilove this boat! How much does one cost?

  • avatar

    Yacht rock?

    This thing certainly isn’t Steely Dan worthy…I guess it’s Christopher Cross and Orleans worthy.

    • 0 avatar

      Speaking of yacht rock, I wonder if the death of Miami Marlins pitcher Jose Fenandez in a speedboat that hit some rocks at high speed makes this a bad time to market a speedboat? Maybe something more substantial, like a fast mid-sized yacht, would have made more sense.

  • avatar

    Stupid move.

    Next thing AM will be doing is making AM branded BBQ’s.

  • avatar

    Looks like something from Naboo.

  • avatar

    If I had this kind of money to spend on a boat, I’d get a Riva Aquarama.

  • avatar

    Pray, was the designer a Dutch shoemaker, perhaps?

  • avatar

    Boating is largely recreational. Why be in such a hurry? There are some lovely things from Hinckley, Nautor Swan and many others that are quite a bit slower. You know, with those big sticks up top, carrying lots of ersatz canvas reinforced with CF or kevlar? At least when you hit a swell you won’t be bleeding thru the kidneys from powering thru.

  • avatar

    “We’re a car maker that can’t make money selling cars so we’ll just build them so we can make real money selling branded baby carriages and boats.” Maybe they could put the AM logo on a Toyota and not even have to actually build a car. Oh, wait…

  • avatar

    Wrong move. Making money off rich people actually is quite hard (case in point, the AM cars).

    It’s much easier to make money off brand chasing wannabes by offering $500 AM watches (i.e. slap a brand symbol on a Swatch something), and $200 AM dressing shirts in British racing green, etc.

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