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2016 Ford Focus RS

Customers are having their 2016 Ford Focus RS orders cancelled, and the automaker is giving differing reasons as to why, depending on who you ask.

Ford is telling dealers and buyers who placed orders for Ford’s hottest hatch that they’ll receive 2017 models instead. This, for a model Ford said it could build as many as customers wanted.

Ford produces the 350-horsepower, all-wheel-drive Focus RS at its Saarlouis plant in Germany. The sought-after model arrived stateside this spring, with the automaker promising not to limit production.

According to emails obtained by TTAC, a Los Angeles dealer had three of its pending 2016 Focus RS orders cancelled by Ford and moved to the 2017 model year. That could mean months of delays for customers as they wait for next year’s deliveries.

The reason given to the dealer by a Ford rep for the cancellations? “Economic turmoil in Europe” that forced the Saarlouis plant to shut down, limiting production volume.

However, when TTAC asked Ford representative Dan Jones about the email, he stated 220 orders were cancelled simply because Ford couldn’t keep up with demand before a planned summer factory shutdown.

“We frequently adjust daily production to be aligned with market demand,” Jones said. “Focus RS demand around the globe has exceeded expectations, so these 220 customer units that were scheduled for 16MY build, are now going to be rescheduled into 17MY, and as these orders will be prioritized, customers will experience almost no delay in delivery of their vehicle.”

There’s a big gap between planned maintenance and “economic turmoil.”

Would-be Focus RS buyers have expressed frustration over constantly changing delivery timetables on online enthusiast forums.

One Australian forum user was told the vehicle’s planned August build would be moved to November, while another had his pushed from July to September. Another user sought answers for why his Focus RS build date went from June to August, and then to October. “Your build date can move around until it is finally locked in when a VIN is assigned,” said a Ford Australia representative.

At some point in the summer, the German plant shuts down for a worker’s holiday. When pressed, the user’s Ford rep claimed the plant shut down for a week in early July. That rep returned to say the plant would be shut down for summer maintenance from July 25 to August 19.

When asked about the shutdown timing, Jones said workers will return to Saarlouis after a three-week holiday on August 15.

Time will tell what the delivery delay amounts to, if anything, or whether dealers and customers experience further frustration. For an automaker, it’s still better to deal with the fallout of a model with overwhelming demand than, say, a Chrysler 200.

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53 Comments on “Ford Cancelling Remaining 2016 Focus RS Orders, Customers Will Have to Wait for 2017 Model Year...”

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    OMG! That blue needs to be on my CR-V, not that little scrubbing bubble!

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    Next move – raise MSRP on the Focus RS for the 2017 model by at least $2k.

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    Screw the Focus RS…RS stands for Really Slow! Spend an extra 20-30k and save yourself the heartache of being whooped on by a Hellcat, and get a real car…a Dodge Challenger/Charger Hellcat.

    • 0 avatar
      SCE to AUX

      I prefer the Real Author of such sentiments; no need to channel them.

    • 0 avatar

      >and get a real car…a Dodge Challenger/Charger Hellcat.

      Well my 2600 lb 1995 Jetta with a 300 hp 1.8T just dusted one of your Hemi Challengers a couple of weeks ago, so you better get that Hellcat.

      Having lots of horsepower is all well and good, but if your car’s chassis has a curb weight approaching 2 tons of lard, then the vehicle with the better power/weight ratio has the advantage.

      Class dismissed.

    • 0 avatar

      Challenger/Charger? Those are for straight line only w*nkers.

    • 0 avatar

      Gotcha – since an extra second getting to 60mph for a mere $10K more is so worth it.

    • 0 avatar

      “..spend an extra $20-30K..”
      Really? Not everyone is interested in 0-60 and quarter mile times. This car will be more fun to drive on a circuit than any Hellcat, and with all season tires it can be driven year around.
      Why do fanboys trash any car that isn’t the one they like?

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    SCE to AUX

    One could argue that being unable to meet demand amounts to ‘economic turmoil’.

    I’ll try to remember this while waiting for my Model 3.

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    In before BTSR!


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    I mean SoCal dealers are already marking any units not spoken for up by $10k-15k+, on a car that options out to $40k MSRP….This is a better car than a Chevy SS 6MT, Mustang GT+S/C, Camaro SS, Challenger Scat, etc etc how again?

    • 0 avatar

      SoCal dealers are the worst. You’d be far better off traveling to buy if you want any kind of limited edition/cool/new performance car. You are competing against legions of guys who would think nothing of dropping $15k over msrp instead of waiting or shopping around. These are the dudes who will drop 200k on tricking out their GT2 RS. Cars like this or the Hellcats are like jet skis or ATVs would be to us.

      • 0 avatar

        SoCal dealers are the worst, and the best. Depending on what you are looking for. If it’s hot and allocated (and you’re a mooch), they take you for all have got. But they can also be quicker to deal deep on slow selling models, than dealers pretty much anywhere else.

    • 0 avatar

      Exactly. At MSRP, it’s a complex decision between a Mustang and the FoRS. With ADM? The GT is more bang for the buck.

    • 0 avatar

      That was the day I was in my Honda dealer. There was a Mugen Civic in the showroom. With a 10k ADP sticker over the already silly sticker, do I want this over a kitted 3 series ? For a few G more, I could get a Vette.

      The dealer knows there is ONE guy who wants it….they wait…like a spider.

    • 0 avatar

      It’s a manual transmission hatchback. Those do not sell in the United States. I would not pay that. I would expect to get it way below invoice or would pass.

      • 0 avatar

        Really? The $5K-$10K ADM that dealers are getting say otherwise.

        • 0 avatar

          Bah. If you know your history dealers were getting $5K to $10K ADM on the PT Cruiser when it was first released.

          The Miata and the PT Cruiser were the first two vehicles to really drive the ADM gravy train on more “mainstream” models.

          Just because it has ADM doesn’t mean that it is worth the ADM. Just because a buyer is willing to open their wallet, doesn’t mean it is worth that to the open market place.

          You can spend 60 seconds on Autotrader and find dealers with ADM adjustments on the non-selling Chevy SS, while other dealers have it discounted as much as $10K.

          ADM doesn’t mean anything beyond what PT Barnum had to say.

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    For their next trick, Ford will overproduce RSs to the point a 2018 car can be purchased for $30k.

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    This is making mountains out of molehills. those orders probably didn’t make it in before the changeover to 2017 model year. The worst thing you can do is ask a dealer why stuff like this happens, they make s**t up all the time. they’ll tell you any fish story they can come up with to get you to go away for a while. “Oh yeah, the factory burned down so it’s going to be a while. we’ll let you know. Don’t call us, we’ll call you.”

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    Does this mean that we can…

    RS ALL THE THINGS!!!!!!!!!

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    “There’s a big gap between planned maintenance and ‘economic turmoil.\'”

    Not necessarily in this case. If there are fears of Brexit (and Ford has good reasons to have those fears), then the company may be inclined may be to slow down production. There certainly won’t be any motivation to speed it up.

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    Good on Ford for having two models that are in high demand… you cant get a Mustang in any form here, 4cyl or v8 or convertible as so many people want them… the Focus? it sells at well over retail.

    To put this into perspective a Focus is getting more orders than the Audi S3, A45 and whatevers combined.

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    Hopefully they’ll have this sorted out before the RS returns:

  • avatar

    Hopefully Ford doesn’t increase the price by $10,000 and move production to China for 2017.

  • avatar

    A pressure tactic on those who haven’t ordered or are holding back – to order.

    Lets Ford get a better handle on 2017.

  • avatar

    Good for buyers, they now get CarPlay and Android Auto for free, instead of paying for a download like ’16 owners are now being forced to do.

  • avatar

    “…and as these orders will be prioritized, customers will experience almost no delay in delivery of their vehicle.”

    Yeah right. What, another three weeks?

  • avatar

    I tried to order one in December, but could not find a dealer that would sell at any lower than +$5k markup. One salesman tried to explain a $7.5k markup by saying, “These are like Lamborghinis, SO RARE!”. I laughed out loud and straightened my face before replying, “Except they’re not. No sale”.

    Great car, and thumbs up to Ford for producing another high-demand car that generates a waiting list, but I just refuse to pay over sticker for one.

    • 0 avatar

      If you can accept slightly less power, Focus STs are selling for about $5K UNDER sticker in my area.

      • 0 avatar

        Dan, which dealers??

        • 0 avatar

          I’m in Gallup NM. If I do an AutoTrader Search within 300 miles of me lots of $26K Focus STs pop up at $22K at many dealers in my searches. (sorry I did exaggerate a little, forgive.)

          • 0 avatar

            So what you are saying is that for most people they are $2000-$2500 off MSRP. Because almost certainly the big number is with all incentives stacked that very few people can qualify for. Now if you just graduated from college, are in the reserves, just got a job as a teacher or first responder, and you have both a competitive make and a Ford product in your name for at least 6 months, then you will see that full $4000 off.

          • 0 avatar

            I do not recall what part of the country you are in ScoutDude but around here advertised price is the starting point for negotiations. The only place that the price is firm is for an RS or a Mustang GT500.

          • 0 avatar

            I think it’s happening everywhere. Had a brief look at a FoST and the salesman keeps calling me back about incentives. Right now it is 0%/60 and Ford employee pricing, plus $1000 back from the dealership to start (in Toronto, anyway). I also could access the Costco/Ford deal, but not 100% sure the any Focus qualifies. (The Costco deal is basically $1000 off any new Ford car… except for the ones that are popular)

            If I were to speculate, I would say that they demand dropped when RS order took off. So demand may shift back again.

  • avatar

    Seems like the real problem is lack of demand.

    Ford did the same thing w/ the last Thunderbird and Ford GT – both cars sold well below expectations and Ford had to rationalize the lack of demand.

    Tell the people they can’t have one and they gin up demand.

  • avatar

    Anecdotal, semi-related point. Was at the Shell station getting gas last weekend and a very attractive young woman was filling up across the divide. She had a yellow Focus…ordinary one I thought. Nope, she fired it up, I heard it immediately and then I saw the badges, Focus ST. I thought, wow, now that girl is a heck of a catch for some young car enthusiast guy.

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    “Customers are having their 2016 Ford Focus RS orders cancelled […] Ford is telling dealers and buyers who placed orders for Ford’s hottest hatch that they’ll receive 2017 models instead. […] According to emails obtained by TTAC, a Los Angeles dealer had three of its pending 2016 Focus RS orders cancelled by Ford and moved to the 2017 model year.”

    Exactly how does that equate to canceled? Moved to the 2017MY, yes. Delayed delivery, certainly. Canceled? Not so much.

    A friend of mine ordered a 2016 BMW M2 a few months ago and has now been told he’ll be getting it in late summer as a 2017MY. His wasn’t “canceled” either. In fact he’s not unhappy to get a 2017 instead of a late 2016, since this will essentially bump up its resale value.

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