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Yugo Tank Conversion

Craigslist can be a great place to waste a few hours browsing oddities or finding your next money pit of a project car. I have a few projects but one of my more nostalgic goals is to find a Yugo to add to my collection.

Most examples of the Yugo that pop up online are usually in a non-running state or resemble Swiss cheese, but the crew over at BangShift found the oddest one of them all.

The listing has all the standard hallmarks of a Yugo, including various rust spots and a non-running engine that just “needs new spark plug wires,” but the jaw-dropping part of this listing is the fact that it has been converted into a miniature tank. According to the seller, it was created for paintball and can shoot a single soccer ball or five Nerf darts at once.

Yugo Tank Conversion Engine

The engine bay appears to be mostly original, housing the 1.1-liter Zastava engine along with a generous layer of dirt and dust. The exterior seems to have been modified to add some cladding and give it a new squared-off body.

The body is not fully visible as it is covered with some heavy camouflage, but a gun turret can be seen poking out.

Yugo Tank Conversion Interior

The interior of the car has been modified extensively and shows the steering wheel and instruments moved to the top of the dash, while the driver’s seat has been replaced by some bench-like device. There is a large pipe cutting through the middle of the cabin, which presumably connects to the gun turret and features some sort of firing mechanism.

Yugos can be made into a reliable cars with the right upgrades but this “hold my beer and watch this” version is likely destined for the scrap yard.

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3 Comments on “Craigslist User Wants to Put You in This Yugo Tank...”

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    Hesperia isn’t far from me .

    I guess it’s free as no price .

    A shame to see it get crushed for scrap .


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    Sometimes I browse Craigslist just to read people’s exceptional command of the English language.

    This listing is one of the more eloquent examples…

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    My very first car was an 87 GV. It was awful in just about every way that it could have been. I don’t know that a single part of that car worked as it should have. From broken door handles (more of a thin plastic hook, sun visors, gearbox, cooling system, heater, body, you name it, it had gone wrong. I used to play a fun game when I was driving it around called “That car is better than mine” in which I would pick any car on the road and say “That car is better than mine”. I always won the game because I was always right. That and nobody wanted to play with me because that meant they had to ride in the Yugo.
    My worst memory was after a long all-day cross country meet (late September) that involved heavy rain and no shelter (bus driver locked us out, we were all too wet) I was headed home with no heat but happy to be almost home. The oil filler cap blew off purging the oil and setting off the oil light. I had to stop, get out, run a half mile to the nearest house and the half mile back to add some more oil to get home–in the rain.

    I don’t miss that car one bit.

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