2018 Honda CR-V Spied Testing in Ohio

Steph Willems
by Steph Willems

Spy photos of the next-generation Honda CR-V have just rolled in from rural Ohio.

The camo-clad vehicle can’t hide the extensively restyled body planned for the 2018 model year. Honda’s plan is to grow the size of the strong-selling crossover, while bringing the whole package upscale.

Most noticeable on this test mule are taillights that wrap around the lower edges of the rear window, reminiscent of newer Honda models like the HR-V.

Rumors abound of a seven-seat version of the CR-V, which would need an increase in length over its current dimensions to pull off. Unfortunately, this vehicle had its rearmost side windows covered, so there was no peak of a third row.

Honda will likely field a turbocharged four cylinder in the new CR-V, with rumors of a possible plug-in hybrid variant. The 2018 CR-V is expected to be available in the middle of 2017.

[Image: © 2016 Spiedbilde/The Truth About Cars]

Steph Willems
Steph Willems

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  • Chris Chris on Apr 21, 2016

    It seems odd to think it will be a 2018 model. We are almost-mid 2016 without any hints of a 2017 model. I went to my local dealership last week and the seller told me he was told that the 2017 model would be completely different. If it's the case, I don't think Honda will sell 2016 models until mid-2017, so I hope this model is coming in the automn as a 2017.

  • Lot9 Lot9 on Jun 02, 2016

    Having driven different Honda autos and Suvs....I would not buy one of the new ones, today. Their tranny are not ready for prime time. Just look at the lawsuits filed. My CR-v is very hard noisy plasticity interior. Main features is all the road noise that one gets as you go down the road, sorta like riding a motorcycle as the wind whistles past your ears. Lot of other makes and models that have left Honda in the dust. One of my kids are in market for a new auto and they have Crossed Honda off their list of ones to buy. Honda needs to find its mojo, again.

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  • Redapple2 CruiseSTUPID, battery problems, software, killing carplay and AM. Why is this so hard.
  • Alan Like all testing and analysis work you need a good set of requirements. If you don't you'll find or end up with gaps.
  • Alan In aviation there is more vigourous testing, well, until Boeing changed things.
  • Alan This outcome was certain.The US, Australia and Canada need to approach this differently. A policy towards plug in hybrids should of been a first step. As in CAFE gradually tighten FE from there.There's no reason why you can't have a 2 litre F-150 with electric motors putting out 400-500hp. A 2 litre turbo is good for 200hp more than enough to move a pickup.Also increase fuel tax/excise every year to fill the void in loss of revenue.