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Look, this is pretty awkward. While nearly every auto journalist in the country has congregated in Dearborn, Michigan today for Ford’s annual Christmas party, we’re here at work pounding out stories about Camaro steering wheels and drinking cheap coffee. We weren’t invited to the party, it’s cool. We can both be adults about the sitch.

But according to various Twitter feeds — including the Wall Street Journal’s Detroit Bureau Chief John Stoll and WWJ’s Jeffrey Gilbert— Ford is talking battery packs and showing off a covered car that looks like a Fusion with a half-assed bed sheet covering it.

Oh, and there’s a plug running right into it, as if Kevin the Ford shop hand forgot to unplug the damn thing before letting a roomful of journalists snap pictures of it.

We get it, Ford. You’ve moved on.

The only mystery is the size of its battery. The Fusion already has a plug-in hybrid version of the Fusion, so are we looking at an all-electric version?

An all-electric Fusion seems entirely plausible — almost likely — considering that Ford spent the day talking about battery tech, ahem … without us. Or, it could be an update to the PHEV Fusion Energi, which could use a refresh, I suppose.

Whatever it is, it’ll make its debut in Detroit during the North American International Auto Show. We’ll be there too, covering Ford’s announcement because it’s cool, we’re both adults. You and I obviously grew apart, but we’ll still be a part of each other’s lives. Just not in the same way, I guess.

No really, Ford, I want you to be happy. I mean, I guess I wasn’t ready for pictures like this, but I guess it was bound to happen eventually. Yeah, no, I’ll be OK.

P.S. Hats off to this guy for comment of the day.

P.P.S. Why does this picture of the plug running from the Fusion remind me of my dog when she’s trying (poorly) to play “Hide and Seek”?

Hiding dog

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16 Comments on “Ford Isn’t Very Good at Keeping Secrets About its Electrified Fusion...”

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    The punchline will be it’s a Fusion RS. Maybe ST.

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    It’s good to know that Public Relations and Marketing cannot even fund real camouflage for their own marketing stunts. Here I thought that they were just stingy hateful bastards that didn’t like manufacturing plants and launch teams.

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      Obsessive penny-pinching makes impressive appearances sometimes. Someone needs to let them know that you’re not supposed to let on that you actually have no budget.

      This is up there with having a media event for a major film and providing a bag of pretzels and some apple juice.

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    If its all electric and has a 200 mile range while being under 35 after rebates, its gonna be a huge coup d’etat of the ev leaders. Thats what all the next gen EVs are targetting and they wont be out for another year at the earliest.

    Also. The fusion is a pretty damn good car as it is, even in gas form.

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      Since they’re just shoving more batteries into a chassis that wasn’t designed for them, I don’t see them hitting 200 miles of range. You’ve got to start with a car designed with that need in mind to find that kind of battery space.

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        It certainly wouldn’t be easy or even ideal like on the tesla, but I think it could be done on the current platform. You’re gonna have room where the gas tank was, in the center tunnel, the majority of the engine compartment minus the electric motor/reduction gear, inverter, controllers, onboard charger, etc, and probably even room for slight intrusion into the trunk and possibly some more room down below with a floor pan redesign. Keep the radiator and fans up front and simply pipe them to the motor and the battery for thermal management. I think they could fit 55 kWh of batteries in the car with clever engineering, that’s about what is needed for a 200 mile range.

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          Big Al From 'Murica

          Perhaps lightened as well? Ford has been known to build a few aluminum vehicles after all.

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          Nissan is going with a 288 cell 60 kWh battery for the 200 mile Leaf. With the improved density of newer batteries, it doesn’t take up much more room than the current 30 kWh – although it looks too tall to be retrofittable into older Leafs.

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    I think the joke is on you… they did this on purpose and the marketing people are jumping for joy at free publicity. Seriously think about it. You cover the entire car except the charger which clearly doesn’t need to be plugged in now. Then place huge sign in front that says “don’t look”. Clearly that blanket would fit over the charger, so they left it totally exposed on purpose. Ford did a good job keeping the super cool 2016 GT40 secret.

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      That’s what I thought as well. Publicity is publicity. If it’s free, it’s even better. So who is excited about an electrified Fusion?

      So the real question unanswered is, “Will it sell in a time when gasoline costs <$2/gal?"

      Unless Putin bombs all the oil fields in the Middle East and puts them out of commission, the supply of available oil will be greater than the demand for quite some time to come.

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    Okay, I read the first line of the second paragraph as “Vacuous Twitter feeds…”

    And, I was right.

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    Maybe it’s fusion powered! Like that cold fusion scammer who always seems to have stuff plugged into his demo machines.

    The joke’s on us.

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      Everyone had a laugh at the expense of those cold fusion researchers, but the military is quietly still doing research on it. Something was actually happening in that mayonnaise jar!

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    I love when dogs try and play hide and seek, very cute. My family dog always thought he could hide behind a chair leg.

    And you say, “Oh where’s Leo, can’t see him!”

    Then he runs out and is so excited he fooled you. Figured that out on his own, nobody ever taught him how to hide and seek.

    He’s too old and blind-ish/deaf to do it now at 15 years old. :(

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    I don’t know if it’s a lack of interest in how Ford plays the tease or not, but I found that I preferred the parts of the story and comments here about the dogs more than about the EV tease.

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