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The future vision of car intelligence and electrification

“The future vision of car intelligence and electrification.”

That was the entire press release provided by Nissan along with the above photo. That’s it. That’s all.

So, let the wild speculation begin. Is this the next-generation Nissan Leaf? Or is it a life orb that will ship us off to fight to the death in some futuristic panopticon? Who knows?!?! It could be at least one of those things.

The current-generation Nissan Leaf debuted in 2010 for the 2011 model year. Since then, Nissan has been stretching its range almost yearly. The EPA estimates the Leaf to be capable of 107 miles for model year 2016. For 2011, that figure was 73 miles.

Reading into the 8-word press release, we can expect the concept to have some sort of autonomous driving technology and electric drivetrain, while the photo shows the concept will feature Nissan’s corporate V-motion grille and boomerang headlight treatment.

The concept will debut at the Tokyo Motor Show next week.

Here it is blown out.

The future vision of car intelligence and electrification

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14 Comments on “Is This Concept the Next-generation Nissan Leaf?...”

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    definitely the life orb.

    This thing is actually much to cool-looking to be used for a LEAF. IF they didn’t make the Z I’d say it’s too cool looking to be a Nissan.

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    A mouse shaped like that would be really comfortable for large hands. And I like the blue lighty-up stuff, too.

    I’m tired of having to carve wooden inserts to hot-glue onto the absurdly curvy little mice they sell nowadays. Damn things squirt right out from under my hand when I click a button otherwise.

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      Buy a bigger mouse–or a gaming mouse. They’re shapely and relatively comfortable to use. However, my favorite is the Evoluent Vertical Mouse–I haven’t experienced any wrist pain from mousing in over two years since I started using one.

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        Thanks for the suggestion and I checked out the Evoluent but it looks like a toaster mated with a vertical router and seems too bizarre when all I want is a nice, big, fat and simple mouse of yore that doesn’t require a USB adapter.

        But I’d settle even for that over these newfangled demi-mice with the effing wasp waist that some 90 lb. Thai designer with lady hands has decreed de rigueur for the entire planet.

        I’ve long been trying to address the issue with new products; hence my hot-glued inserts on whatever Dell ships because I’ve found nothing larger that wasn’t bizarre, twisted and festooned with a zillion appurtenances like a Reavers’ ship from Firefly.

        • 0 avatar

          I never said that toaster was pretty, I said it was effective and comfortable once you get used to holding your hand naturally instead of twisted down flat to the desktop. It won’t squirt out from under your hand and it has a pretty hefty grip to it.

          If you prefer a more hefty but conventional mouse, be ready to spend more than five bucks for it. The Logitech G602 is pretty stout, as are most of the true gaming mice–but they price in the $65 and up range on average. They almost all have programmable keys besides the three basic ones that let you do one-click functions replacing many of your keyboard shortcuts when working in Office or yes, playing games.

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    Not a Leaf, as such. This looks much more like a sedan rather than a crossover or a hatch. In fact, the appearance isn’t that far off from a Maxima (on the larger side) or a Sentra. This is clearly aimed to be a longer-range, semi-luxury car probably in the $40K range intended to directly compete with the likely Tesla Model 3.

    It looks like some cars are actually beginning to get some personality again, instead of carbon-copy clones of each other.

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      I think the rumors were that the next Leaf would be offered in both sedan and hatchback/crossover versions like the Model 3.

      The concept I want to see from Nissan is a rendering of their equivalent of the supercharger network. With a 200+ mile range car, you really need more of an intercity oriented network. In other words, change the focus from placing charging stations at dealers in cities to highway locations between cities.

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        Just to clarify, mcs, you want inter-city charging locations in the manner of Tesla’s Superchargers and not intRA-city chargers only good for local charging.

        For all those claiming that CHAdeMO and CSS are the current standards for intra-city charging, they simply don’t offer the charging speed that Tesla’s Superchargers do and their locations are prohibitive to a road trip beyond the half-range capability of the vehicle’s battery. I’ve also noticed that on average, the only such stations available to the general public are either on dealership lots–inaccessible when said dealerships are closed–or are subsidized by community governments and typically set up as a ‘pay to park here’ arrangement.

        I really am hoping as the BEV revolution continues to grow that the auto companies either decide to adopt the Superchargers that are already in place or put their own money into installing their own infrastructure. Gas stations were NOT subsidized by the government, at least here in the US, so why should anybody expect the government to subsidize any other vehicular infrastructure?

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        SCE to AUX

        I’d rather see Nissan join the Supercharger network than compete against it.

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    If you search “Nissan Sway” you’ll see pictures of the concept. It’s just another bag of $hit Nissan.

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    SCE to AUX

    If that’s Leaf 2.0, it might only encourage people to wait for the Tesla Model 3.

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    Compaq Deskpro

    Meh, looks like a concept car version of the current Nissan Murano.

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    Nissan is already claiming big things for their next generation leaf batteries. I think we may see a real game changer on our hands, however, they claimed that with their previous version too, and it didn’t live up to expectations.

    I think Tesla is going to be in a world of hurt with their giga-factory, unless they have a surprise up their sleeve, they are about to get caught hands down building the model T when the competition has already moved onto the model A.

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