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Sources tell us that Nissan and Cummins will make a joint announcement Tuesday regarding a diesel engine for the next-generation Titan. Our sources suggest the powertrain could be either a Chinese-made 4-cylinder engine or alternately a 5.0L V8. Currently, Ram is the only truck maker to offer a Cummins powertrain. Nissan recently hired Fred Diaz, Ram’s former CEO, to head up Nissan Division’s day-to-day operations.

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26 Comments on “Nissan, Cummins To Announce Diesel For Next-Generation Titan...”

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    A 220bhp 380lb/ft 2.8 L 4-cyl diesel seems like an ideal truck engine, especially for fleet buyers.

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    “Our sources suggest the powertrain could be either a Chinese-made 4-cylinder engine or alternately a 5.0L V8.”

    Wait what?
    Are the 4 cyl and V8 possible options or are they the potential size of the engine that will be denoted “Cummins”?

    We’ve been hearing about this for a while, but I think some have written it off as not happening. I would love to see a Cummins available, Nissan could jump ahead of the pack with a torquey engine getting great gas mileage.

    Doesn’t fuelly have a 3/4 Cummins that is consistently achieving 44-48 MPG? (Granted with great care)

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    Point Given

    I took a tour of the Farmington Hills Nissan Engineering studio not so long ago (didn’t sign a non-disclosure). I saw at an electronics testing station a sign that had “Titan V-8 Diesel” written on it. Working for a Nissan dealer I knew a diesel Titan was coming, I had assumed this info was already out in the market.

    I have no info on displacement nor other details. Heard the rumour of 5.0L diesel though.

    This is the one I want in both a small truck and cargo vans:

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    Are you referring to the 4bt. The old 12 valve with 2 cylinder cut off? They also have the modern version. Which is a 6.7 with 2 cylinder cut off. The only issue is they are heavy as heck.

    I’m curious about the 4 cylinder chinese one. Seems to still be well built as all cummins but lighter than the b series based models.

    Here is the 4 cylinder chinese cummins:

    v8 cummins:

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    Maybe Cummins found a buyer for the V8 and V6 diesels that they had originally developed for the 4th generation Ram half-tons. Those engines got shelved for one reason or another.

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    Titan and Cummins has been testing a 2.8 litre I-4 with USA government funding for quite a while now. I read a story about it in early 2011.
    My understanding is that this engine is very similar to the Chinese I-4.
    I can’t imagine a small V8 since there are no rumours about it that I have tripped across. I just Googled 5.0 Cummins diesel and there are rumours of that engine going into Chevy trucks. Some old stories even mention Ram.
    I suspect that once Fiat buys out VEBA, they will eventually replace the Cummins 6.7 I-6 with a VM Motori engine. Why outsource when you already make diesels.

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      When it comes to the 2500 Rams, a fair number of their owner that I’ve talked to over the years bought the truck over a comparable Ford or Chevy because it has a Cummins. Because that engine is used in medium duty applications, some of the owners perceive it to be superior to the Duramax and Powerstroke/Scorpion motors of GM and Ford respectively, and loudly proclaim it as such. Fiat/Chrysler moving away from that engine for something in house would be a tremendous market blunder.

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        Aleister Crowley

        You are correct. The halo engine in the Ram is the Cummins, and it leads credibility to the rest of the Ram lineup. FIAT does not have a good reputation in Europe and the rebadged Fiats that Chrysler sells have been a disaster (Dart and Cherokee). The Rams and Jeeps are keeping FIAT afloat.

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          First off, the Dart and the Cherokee aren’t rebadges by any stretch of the imagination. The VM diesel has a good reputation.

          The Cherokee isn’t even out yet and just got a binder full of good reviews. The Dart is hardly a disaster. The Grand Cherokee with the VM diesel has gotten good reviews. Just sounds like you are catapulting the propaganda.

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            I thought binders were only full of women.

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            +1000 for you, sir. I wonder how Mitten’s car elevator is working.

            And the more diesel options, the better. If only Ford would clue in that they are going to be needed and give up on the Ecoboost crap.

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            The VM diesel in the previous generation Liberty had it’s mechanical issues, let alone getting it serviced.

            I too know of guys that bought a 2500 Ram specifically for the Cummins. I would too, and I’d be more likely to look at a Ford and GM without it. (Someday I’ll will shop for a diesel truck.)

            Or maybe a Nissan? I think that’s a smart move.

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        Light-duty diesel development by the Big 3 has had a spotty history, Chrysler really did a coup when they decided to abandon their own in-house development and turn to a commercial diesel engine producer with a good reputation and then market the hell out of it. Now ‘Cummins’ is to diesels like ‘Hemi’ is to gasoline-powered V-8s, it’s a name known and respected even outside enthusiast circles.

        But, one issue I’d forseen as becoming a problem way back when Fiat first bought into Chrysler s that Fiat itself is a commercial diesel producer/distributor and directly competes with Cummins in the global market, I guess Cummins sees the writing on the wall from not being tapped to develop the new 1500’s diesel and are making ready to jump-ship to Nissan.

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        DC Bruce

        As a person who may be in the market for a vehicle with 10,000 lb.+ towing capacity, I have been doing a lot of research in heavy duty pickups. The reputation of the Cummins engine (both the 5.7 and 6.4 liter engines for durability is very good. There were some issues with earlier versions of the Powerstroke, supposedly remedied. The Duramax seems to be an unknown in terms of reliability. All of the new generation of engines should be considered unproven, given that they all use particulate traps and urea injection. One thing that seems pretty certain is that using one of these things as a grocery-getter is not a good idea. The particulate trap will not get hot enough to burn off the residue unless the engine is working fairly hard.

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      Ram won’t replace Cummins 6.7 I-6 with a VM Motori engine, because FIAT already produces it’s own 6.7 I-6, as it was co-developed with Cummins.

      Case IH and New Holland almost exclusively use Fiat engines (FPT – 4.5L, 6.7L, 8.7L, 12.9L, etc) because their parent company is FIAT.

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    Big Al from Oz

    This new ISF Cummins we already have in the Foton Tunland pickup here.

    It is apparently going to be built in the new Cummin factory outside of Beijing. The engine has a designed life of 500 000km.

    I would also think Nissan will have the cheapest diesel 1/2 ton full size in the US when this comes out. It might also obtain a better FE figure than the VM Motori V6 Ram, even with all of its FE improving bells and whistles.

    We have the Navara here with a 3 litre Renault diesel that is slightly more powerful and torquey than the Cummins, but the Cummins will be more fuel efficient and cheaper.

    The Navara also comes with a 7 speed auto, so this could be in the new Titan.

    I would also like to see the F-150 recieve the 3.2 Duratorque. That would please a few people as well.

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    jim brewer

    Nissan’s gotta do something with the Titan. They are way behind the curve. I’d think a weird new engine would be pretty cost effective. The Titan sells trucks because of a few thoughtful features and discounts off the higher trim levels. The V-8 is a good engine, but not fuel efficient anymore.

    So an I-4 diesel fixes the mileage problem, gives them some buzz and the trucks still have their thoughtful features without an expensive major redesign of the whole truck.

    It would work, if they resist the temptation to charge a $4,000 premium for the diesel.

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    Years ago Navistar announced they would supply a diesel engine to Nissan which would have been interesting since IH used the Nissan SD33 in Scouts. Not sure why the deal fell through.

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    That big “C” on the fender will sell tens of thousands of Titans by itself. Good move by Nissan.

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    Carlson Fan

    I think an I4 diesel in a 1/2 ton chassis makes a lot of sense. Especially if it is geared towards fuel economy versus all out performance, like the 3/4 tons. Considering GM sells more 1/2 ton trucks than anyone once you add in the Burbs, Tahoes, Yukons ect., I’m amazed they haven’t offered an Isuzu diesel yet. Many people buy these trucks for towing and that is where a diesel really shines with all of its low end grunt.

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    I’m sure the 15 people who bought Titans last year will be disappointed at a new diesel option.

    Aren’t they consistently rated as the worst, and most inefficient full-size truck on the market?

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    Full Disclosure. I work for Cummins but not in any way related to this project and I’m not going to reveal any sources not publicly available.

    There is a lot of information already on the web about Cummins engines & Nissan below are several links that could help piece together the possible details of the announcement – Alternatively you could wait until 2pm today!

    Cummins job announcement at Cummins Engine plant

    Previous link showing an engine to be produced at Cummins Engine Plant

    Nissan previously announced in April 2008 the supply of Cummins diesel engines for Nissan’s Commercial line of vehicles

    Details on DOE project involving Cummins 2.8 ISF and Nissan:

    Cummins have a v8 diesel in development:

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      After dealing with Powerstrokes for a long time, I grew a distaste for diesel V8s. Hopefully Cummins does it better. They have a reputation for it. Comparing the construction of the engines to the competition, it shows why.

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