Volvo Bringing New V40, S60L to United States

Aaron Cole
by Aaron Cole
volvo bringing new v40 s60l to united states

Volvo will bring its smaller, compact-sized V40 wagon, its related crossover and long-wheelbase, Chinese-built S60 sedan to America, Autoblog is reporting.

The newest generation of the Volkswagen Golf-sized V40 wagon is being built with the U.S. in mind, Volvo senior vice president Alan Visser told media in the Netherlands. The earliest it could reach the United States would be 2017.

Visser also said the XC40, a compact crossover based on the V40 Cross Country, would make its way to the States shortly after the V40.

It’s unclear what engine would power the V40 in North America. Worldwide, the V40 is powered by a inline, four-cylinder diesel- or gasoline-powered engine. Visser told De Telegraph that the V40 would also be available as a hybrid.

The company also said that it would make available its long-wheelbase version of the S60. The Chinese-built S60L would go on sale later this year in North America and Russia, according to Reuters.

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  • Funky Funky on Jul 31, 2015

    It is about time...I was told two, or maybe three, years ago the V40 would be coming to the USA. I was also told it would be available with a manual transmission. I was probably going to purchase another Mazda (maybe the 3 hatchback GT with the 2.5l and 6sp manual) in the near future but maybe I will wait to see what the V40 is like, the extra cost versus the Mazda, and whether it has an available manual transmission before I move forward. I am still not sure about the S60l, though (since it is made in China); I am sure Volvo will need to convince buyers, somehow or other, that a made in China vehicle is safe and of good quality before they can sell many of them in the USA.

  • Alltrac Alltrac on Jul 31, 2015

    Looks like it comes with pedestrian neutralizing phasers (image 70 of 92 on their sideshow). Looks like it'd be a nice alternative to a Golf (or GTI). I'm not sure I'd call it a true level field with a Mazda3 - I had an '08 and my Mk VI GTI has far, far more sound deadening material than the 3 did. I'd imagine the v40 would be even quieter (though a bit less athletic).

  • RideHeight RideHeight on Jul 31, 2015

    That blue is so beautiful. Too bad the car looks like it was produced by squeezing while dragging a big tube of that color.

    • Wheatridger Wheatridger on Aug 02, 2015

      It looks just like everything else. The wind tunnel dictates shapes and forms, leaving designers to tweak the proportions, tack on lights and sculpt the surfaces. Damn, cars are getting dull these days!

  • PriusV16 PriusV16 on Aug 01, 2015

    Wait a minute, guys -- pictured above is the CURRENT-generation V40. The Volvo guy in the article, however, seems to refer to the NEXT-generation V40. Or am I misunderstanding something here?