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Google showed off its autonomous car in California on Saturday and the Washington Post has pictures of what the interior of the self-driving car looks like.

The pictures, which were taken at the Community School of Music and Arts in Mountain View, California, show the prototype’s basic layout and a screen to relay pictures from the side-view mirrors.

There is no steering wheel, nor discernible accelerator or brake in the prototype, but thankfully there are cupholders.

The cars are on display at the school to promote the search engine’s contest to decorate the prototypes as they roam California streets.

Earlier this month, Google sent two self-driving Lexus hybrid cars to Austin, Texas for mapping and testing. Last month, Google said one of its vehicles was involved in a crash in California, the 12th so far.

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23 Comments on “Pictures Inside Google’s Car Reveal Future Full of Buttons...”

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    It’s, um, cute. Wonder what it needs the rearview monitor for. The riders don’t need to look behind em for lane changes or anything, and since they don’t have to be looking ahead, they could turn around and look out the back all they want.

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      Is this some weird reaction to the legal requirement that in 2018 all cars have backup cameras?

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      SCE to AUX

      I wonder how well the vision system works when coated with the wintry mix that is so common during, you know, winter.

      If parked outside, am I liable if I haven’t cleaned the snow off of it, or does it just sit there with a Check Engine Light until I figure out the problem?

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    Anybody know who built the vehicle?
    Or if it’s electric or ic?

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    Looks like something from that Woody Allen movie “Sleeper.”

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    Is the big red button an emergency shutoff? Or a self-destruct? Emergency eject?

    Whatever it is, a properly buckled in passenger will not be able to reach it.

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      SCE to AUX

      That is an E-stop. I thought the same thing – it seems out of reach.

      And how does it function – gradual stop, full brakes, or what? Just think of the liability question when you’re slammed from behind after someone in the vehicle punches that button.

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    SCE to AUX

    Um, no – ever.

    I hope I’m old enough to never see these flourish.

    But here’s a question/comment about the viability of autonomous cars:
    1. If the mfr is legally responsible for accidents, they’ll never build them.
    2. If owners are legally responsible for accidents, they’ll never buy them.

    I don’t see how they can succeed simply due to this conundrum. Any thoughts?

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      I think they have two “target” populations:

      Younger folks who don’t seem to be as interested in driving (not totally sure I buy into this one).

      Boomers who are too decrepit to drive (this one is definitely gonna happen in large numbers).

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      Actually what worries me more is kinda what happens when things go wrong situation. If someone starts hitting the autonomous car, will it just stop? (i.e. robbery). How easy are they to hack? How do they recharge? Who responds if there is an accident? How are they in bad weather? So many things…

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    King of Eldorado

    What’s up with those wide A-pillars? Is it just to emphasize that you don’t really need to see out?

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    Ok, that’s it. Screw Google, I’m off to Bing.

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    One of the most successful companies in world history could not have made this thing more attractive?

    Whoever proposed this look should be sued by little tikes for stealing their tried-and-true toddler-tested design

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    Mmmm, mmmm. Oh yeah. Buttons.

    No crash protection because it never crashes, no snow tires because it never gets stuck, no room and a C grade interior reminiscent of public transport at its worst because who cares about comfort? Pride of ownership? Zero. So just rent the silly thing, right?

    After it commodifies transportation, perhaps Google can turn its attention to our last bastion of uniqueness, the home. A plain white electronically-equipped plasterboard shack is all anyone needs. Bad weather survivability? Pshaw, they’ll get around to weatherproofing them one day.

    Here’s Google mining our apps so as to target ads for products we might purchase and cherish, while themselves providing no-name white goods for us all to buy. This dichotomy I do not understand. The Google Car should be aspirational, but it’s a polystyrene/cardboard throw-away fast food wrapper.

    I guess no one ever said that the people running Google actually had to have social smarts, and this thing proves they don’t.

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      “I guess no one ever said that the people running Google actually had to have social smarts, and this thing proves they don’t.”

      Didn’t the release of, subsequent failure of, and cancellation of Google Glass already prove this? They never seemed to consider the fact that people would be bothered by seeing someone wearing glasses with a camera pointed at them constantly.

      Like this car, the product itself seemed to have a useful niche, but there was zero understanding of the social consequences involved and the Glass basically because stigmatized as a voyeuristic device.

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    Matt Foley

    I despise self-driving cars because, inevitably, they will lead to dedicated lanes, dedicated parking, tax subsidies, and other encroachments upon the ability of the rest of us to use and enjoy our human-driven cars.

    Freaking Jamie Kitman of Automobile Mag wrote a column in which he basically shrugged and said “Oh well, guess this is the end of my career and my life’s passion.”

    We need to fight this.

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    Can you be arrested for drinking and riding in one of these cars?

    I’m thinking… If I can pour myself a whiskey or two while riding in this “thing” then I might just be a customer.

    My 42nd high school reunion is this year. I’d go in one of these oddballs if I can drink my way there and back.

    You honestly need a drink or ten to deal with the hot chicks at these events.

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    Google’s motivation for developing a self- driving vehicle? To own your eyeballs in one of the few places that it can’t right now. Trust me the following scenario will happen: You get in your car and tell it to take you to Walgreens to pick up a prescription. It plans a route that takes you past a CVS store and as you approach it flashes a coupon on your smart phone for a discount for transferring the prescription to CVS. OR: You ask it to take you to your favorite local pizza place and it takes you past a Pizza Hut while flashing a Pizza Hut ad on the screen.

    Welcome to marketing in the 21st century.

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    You thought this thread was dead. And it would be except one of these Google cars was in another crash.

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