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Ford will stop building the C-Max and Focus at its Wayne, Michigan plant in 2018, Automotive News is reporting.

Moving the production of the compact cars could signal a coming slowdown in small car sales, or a shift in strategy for the global automaker. UAW officials say they’re confident the C-Max and Focus will be replaced with a different product at the plant.

The automaker recently removed a third shift at the Wayne, Michigan plant and said they were cutting about 700 jobs at the plant.

“We actively are pursuing future vehicle alternatives to produce at Michigan Assembly,” Ford said in a statement, “and will discuss this issue with UAW leadership as part of the upcoming negotiations.”

Negotiations with the UAW begin July 23, according to Automotive News.

The Focus and C-Max are due for redesigns within 3 years. Sales for the C-Max have slumped this year.

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19 Comments on “Ford Will Stop Michigan C-Max, Focus Production in 2018...”

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    SCE to AUX

    I don’t see small car sales going down as long as CAFE requirements keep going up. Cheaper gas only hurts them temporarily.

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    Donde esta la factoria?

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      Si, si.

      Average Mexico auto workers makes $4.10 an hour USD equivalent.

      That’s up from $3.65 an hour two years ago.

      Maybe one day, when Mexico is too costly, Haiti will become the next auto manufacturing paradise.

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    If only we could get the excursion back.

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    This is nothing more than a UAW contract negotiation bargaining ploy.

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    A big reason I bought the C-Max was because it was made in the US in a union plant. If it wasn’t, I might have bought something else. If there’s not a comparable US-made Ford product when I replace it, I’ll likely buy a Volt. (I’d like a Tesla, but reality gets in the way.)

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    Bit more discounting now on Ford’s website for the Focus. I remember back in 2010 when it was new they wouldn’t budge. Still wouldn’t budge in 2011 when I was looking. Full retail. Honda, Nissan stores had more attractive deals even if the product wasn’t – recall that Civic? Then there was all that early doubt about the DCT. Focus still a good contender though it’s falling behind in the rear seat room dept.

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    OK Ford. We TRUST what you say. Just like the Oshawa workers trusted GM to put in a replacement for the Camaro…. In reality Ford is going to Mexico. Nobody surprised? I hope not.

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      GM didn’t really have a choice, Canada’s policies are to blame. And it makes sense for Ford as well, selling compact cars isn’t highly profitable, your either the segment leader, or your barely breaking even. Being that labor is one of the most expensive costs of manufacturing, it only makes sense.

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    As long as the dollar gets stronger against the euro and the yen, making imports more attractive, and union labor is driving up costs, this will continue to happen. And we are just talking about assembly plans here. Most of the Focus and C-Max components are not US-made. Some Hondas and Toyotas are more US-made than every single Ford car

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      Both the Toyota Camry & Honda Accord have more parts made in the USA than almost any “domestic” brand vehicle (and they’re assembled here, also).

      I’m going to start plastering the rear bumpers of Accords & Camrys with “But American” bumper stickers.

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    I drove the cmax hybrid and liked it very much. Too bad it has so many electrical/software problems. We bought a PRius V instead and like it very much. gotta have that toyota reliability. Too bad Ford has so many problems. The Greedy UAW will eventually force most assembly offshore. Their hubris and arrogance know no limits.

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    The C-Max’s problems have been overblown. In two and a half years, I’ve been back to the dealer for a couple recalls, but none were due to problems that actually inconvenienced me. The software update in 13-14 solved the main problems with MyFordTouch, and it is a pretty nice system. The MPG shortcomings were oversold too. Current MPG ratings are, if anything, conservative. It is not hard to average better than 40 real world MPG.

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    Big Al from Oz

    Can Ford use the facility to manufacture the massively successful aluminium F-150 wonder truck………………..????

    I really don’t see this as a loss for Ford. Judging the Focus from my mother’s last 2 Michigan built Focus’s I do think APaGttH comment of using Haiti would produce a better quality Focus.

    It seems the use manufacturers’ are slowly heading down the path of the Australian manufacturers.

    Well, cars are only appliance to many, like a LCD flat screen or fridge.

    The Thai’s build a better quality Focus than the US, maybe Thai sourced small Fords is the way to go.

    Rather than just using Mexico, the manufacturers should start looking at diversifying the risks of supply.

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      Ford won’t use MAP to build the F150. If anything, you’d see the following:

      Fiesta to Thailand (already happening)
      Focus/C-Max to Cuautitlan
      New US made product (Transit Connect) or additional capacity (Escape or Edge/MKX) to Wayne. Moving the Expedition and Navigator back to MAP from KTP could be a possibility too.

      It could also be both Ford and the UAW playing the politics game for the upcoming negotiations.

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    If Ford thinks they can make the C-MAX and the Focus essentially unchanged through 2018, I think Ford is in for huge drops in market share. All of the competition either has been redesigned since the current generation Fords came out or they will be redesigned prior to 2018.

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    If the PowerShift trans gets left in the bin in Michigan, I’m fine with Focii being built in Mexico

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    I suspect Ford is barely breaking even on the C-Max and Focus. Moving production to Mexico may be necessary. I wonder what Ford USA’s profits would be if you took away pickup trucks and SUVs????

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