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Hyundai Creta Rendering

Recently announced for production with the Santa Cruz to possibly be made as well, the Hyundai Creta was revealed in rendered form Tuesday.

The new subcompact crossover boasts a so-called premium look based on Hyundai’s “evolved design philosophy,” with details such as the blacked-out A-pillar reminiscent meant to evoke “an open and airy cabin,” a “bold” front section with the automaker’s newest corporate grill — already on the new Tucson — embrasure side windows, and a rearward swooping slash along the beltline.

The Creta will soon appear in showrooms sometime during H2 2015, with India being the first on the subcompact crossover’s list of global markets to visit. Whether the North American market is on said list — where it would face the Honda HR-V, Chevrolet Trax and Mazda CX-3 among others — is up for Hyundai to decide.

[Image credit: Hyundai]

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37 Comments on “First Rendering Of Hyundai Creta Subcompact CUV Revealed...”

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    What is it with all these new cars/cuvs with tiny slits for the windows? I wouldn’t buy any current Mazda specifically for that reason only. Even if all the rest of the car is exceptional.

    I think this is contributing the new generation of car haters. To elaborate; when i was a kid, i used to enjoy looking out of the window while my Dad drove us around. I enjoyed seeing new things, looking at other cars, etc. These new cars have such high sidewalls that no kid, even in booster seat, is able to see outside. So between staring at the back of the front seat, the door handle or the iPad, which one will the kid choose? That will further feed into general apathy towards cars as they grow up staring at screens instead of outside world. Very far fetched it may be, but that’s my opinion.

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      My theory is that designers are making cars into helmets.

      Wearing a helmet increases survival during an accident – obvious. It’s impractical to wear a helmet on the street – also obvious. How to make things safer? Make the car the helmet. Lots of tumblehome, thick pillars, thick doors, high beltlines, head restraints that touch the headliner, etc.

      Combine all that with high hoods for pedestrian impact compliance, and you’ve got fat and ugly. It’s not a design trend, it’s the law, as well as people’s desire to be 100% safe, 100% of the time. Welcome to the future – it’s not going to be pretty.

      And no, throwing giant wheels on it doesn’t hide the hideous proportions.

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        Unfortunately, the answer will be more cameras, not more glass. Reminds me of the Mercury astronauts in “The Right Stuff” asking the engineers where the window was going on the capsule.

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      The correct answer is tighter regulations forcing automakers to do this.

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    Can we have a public culling of the crack addicted morons designing cars these days? This is so screwed up it hurts my soul.

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    SCE to AUX

    Yet another ridiculous concept rendering with rubber band tires and no door handles.

    Oh, and change that name for the US product; “Creta” is a very bad choice.

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    Where did these creta-ns receive the imprinting that dryer-drums are the go-to aesthetic for wheel design? This is designers being playful dorks, right?

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    It needs bigger wheels

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      I’m sitting here wondering what the GD-F they were thinking with the wheels in the rendering, and your post took me from nauseated to laughing.

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    Steve Biro

    I think we all know the final product won’t look anything close to this extreme, especially if the vehicle is based on an Accent platform, which is quite likely. I imagine it may be more attractive than a good many of the subcompact CUVs currently or about to arrive on the market.

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      Based on…what? Hyundais tend to be very ugly or very bland. This doesnt appear to be changing anytime soon.

      The Trax is possibly the only unattractive vehicle thus far in this segment, at least until the creatin arrives.

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        So – you’re saying the new Edge (which looks like the Santa Fe Sport up front) looks “ugly” or “bland”?

        Once Hyundai gets the new Tucson, Hyundai will be rid of its overly busy designs (sans the Veloster).

        And design-wise, the Accent and Elantra look better than the Ford equivalents.

        Anyway, we already know what the final products looks like as this is nothing but a decontented ix25 (already on sale in China) destined for the other BRIC markets.

        The US and other like markets will be getting a different subcompact CUV which will look more like either the Intrado or Enduro concepts.

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    Memo to Hyundai: you still have time to scour a map of the American southwest to find a better name.

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    The Hyundai Cretin – an emprirical intelligence test!

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    Isn’t that just the ix25 Hyundai released in China last year?

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    “India being the first on the subcompact crossover’s list of global markets to visit.”

    It probably won’t come here without major modifications. Looking at the crap they sell over in India, most of it is totally unsuitable for US sale. Same reason we don’t get any cars from GM Brazil.

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    Isn’t this just the same sketch that they used for the ‘new’ Tuscon and just put the word ‘CRETA’ on it? The ultimate in lazy design!×258.jpg

    I guess not…the grill is different and the wheels are actually bigger and uglier on this POS drawing

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    So basically the design is absolutely terrible, so they put 33″ rims on the turd to distract viewers. This is where CAFE has taken us people, wake up.

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    Jean-Pierre Sarti

    i could care less about this vehicle. in fact i came for the comments and i was not disappointed.

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    I wonder if they checked this out:

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    Someone wake me when they start building cars again.

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