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Live in California and shopping for a Toyota Prius? Your bank account will love this news.

CarsDirect reports Toyota has dropped a number of rebate incentives on the hood of the hybrid and its siblings for the month of April, going as high as 9.8 percent off MSRP. Thus, one could come away with not only a Prius c, but also a $2,000 discount off of the price, beginning at $20,365 before the dealer discounts come into play.

Alas, that incentive is for the 2014 model; the 2015 version comes with a $750 rebate. Meanwhile, the original Prius, as well as the Prius v and Prius Plug-in, come with a $500 boost in incentives. The incentive campaign will come to a close May 4.

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16 Comments on “Toyota Delivers Increased Incentives For Prius Models In April...”

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    Politically correct people will love this…

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      50 mpg and Toyota quality are pretty apolitical attractions.

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        The people I personally know that drive/drove Prii that I also have an idea of their political leanings:

        Engineer (me) – left leaning moderate
        Engineer – tea party conservative
        Engineer – conservative
        Engineer – gun loving liberal
        Engineer – moderate
        Engineer – tea party conservative
        Physician – liberal
        Pharmacist – conservative
        Pharmacist – liberal

        These are people that wear their political beliefs on their sleeves. I know tons of others that drive Prii, but they don’t make their political leanings well known.

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          Agreed. When I was younger and dumber, I was a full-bent Jalopnik-ist Prius hater. “Save the manuals!” and all that. And I suppose the first wave of Prius adopters did tend to be the holier than thou Hollywood pseudo-environmentalists so there was some reason to sneer. The fact that Ithaca’s granolas switched from their beloved Subarus to Prii reinforced my negative opinion.

          But then I started dating my gf, and rode/drove her dad’s 2009 Prius, and started to understand. He’s an electrical engineer, a very successful and smart guy. Appreciates good technology, and is extremely pragmatic. At that point I started to appreciate the Prius, and I felt bad that I had been swayed by biases and stereotypes. He put 90,000 utterly problem free miles on the car, never even a brake job. For his half hour commute it was the ideal vehicle. Between that and their ’05 Highlander that made it to 170k with minimal fuss, they’ve become an all-Toyota household (’13 Camry XLE Hybrid, ’13 Rav4 Limited).

          I recently rented a Prius and really liked it, got 47 mpg without really trying on an all highway trip for work. Now, I do still like to drive a stick shift as a daily driver, but I really respect the build quality and engineering thought that went into the Prius. FWIW I’m an engineer too, and consider myself a “hardcore moderate” with some libertarian leanings (gun rights, foreign policy).

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            I thought you were like 26 now!

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            It’s all relative :)

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            Ditto. My brother-in-law sold me on the Prius when he managed to get 400,000 trouble free miles out of his and he is not the kind of guy who babies his cars. Bought our first one for my son to drive. I found high mileage Prius’s (100K plus) don’t cost any more than other high mileage small cars because people are scared to death to buy them and have the expensive batteries die on them. No issues with that one so I bought a 2nd one for my other son, then a newer one for myself, then one for the wife. We are now a 4 Prius family and my car maintenance bills have dropped to oil changes and car washes.

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          Tree huggers buy them to establish their green ‘cred’ and conservatives buy them because they’re Toyotas and not built by UAW workers. Something for everybody.

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    I am going to get my B&B on and say Toyota needs a Prius R. Turbocharge the engine, ditch the CVT for a DSG, give it real tires and an IRS. If MPGs drop to the high 30s/low 40s who cares, it will hang with the likes of the FiST in a straight line while getting ~30% better gas mileage.

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      bumpy ii

      Um, wut?

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      You realize that the “CVT” is actually a fixed ratio, and is part of the ‘heart’ of how Toyota’s “Hybrid Synergy Drive” powertrain/drivetrain works? A DSG would not only be pointless, but impossible to implement.

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        Oh I thought they only implemented that on the new Camry and all the hybrids on that platform. Oh well. Even still, a ~200HP Prius with IRS and stickier rubber would be sweet. If they make it plug in with a wagon body….

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      Toyota ought to make a Prius version to compete with the Ford Transit Connect and maybe a pickup version. Keep the same wheelbase and footprint. Such an offering would prove that there is pent-up demand for highly efficient small-business vehicles.

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      Sadly, it won’t hang with a FiST…. it’ll be 500 pounds heavier because of the heavy battery and souped up engine. I think a hybrid setup like BMW’s i3 would work better: just increase the power of the electric motors while concentrating on minimizing the weight of the battery and ICE.

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    You know when you go to a fair or something, and you win a prize, and sometimes your prize option is a horribly treated goldfish in a plastic bag?

    Look at the corner marker lamp.

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    healthy skeptic

    I live in California. If we get any more Prii out here, we make have to start parking them on top of each other.

    I don’t hate on the humble Prius, and I respect the engineering and the MPG, but man, those things just don’t do it for me. It’s the ultimate appliance car, for better or worse.

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